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Ball valve

The company's ball valve product structure advantages and features:
1. Product design and purchase SDRC's advanced computer software I-Deas, three-dimensional design and finite element analysis of valve structure modeling, so that the product structure is more reasonable and excellent performance.
2. The product manufacturing adopts high-precision CNC machine tools and machining centers for machining, and the quality of the products is guaranteed. Can be used with imported equipment and equipment.
3. The ball valve series products are designed, manufactured, inspected and tested in strict accordance with API and ASME standards, and the valves meet the micro-leakage requirements.
4. The valve opening and closing time is relatively short, and the ball rotates 90° to complete the full opening or full closing requirement. The low-pressure seal is ensured by the initial pre-tightening pressure, the high-pressure seal is automatically realized by the internal pressure, the sealing performance is good, the service life is long, and the flow direction of the medium is not limited.
Product Range:
Type: three-piece forged steel soft seal fixed ball valve, forged steel soft seal floating ball valve, two-piece cast steel fixed ball valve, two-piece cast steel soft seal floating ball valve, double piston effect soft seal ball valve, all welding Ball valve, hard seal ball valve
Size: 1/2 to 56
Pressure rating: 150LB--2500LB
Main material: according to ASMEB16.34
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