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The sasac departments under GuoMingYi love team into the angang

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In order to further carry forward the lei feng spirit, study the new period "lei feng legend" comrade GuoMingYi advanced deeds, guide and motivate the departments under the member youth set up strong master consciousness and the social sense of responsibility, based on post to excel, sasac departments under youth corps committee on October 18-20 organization "the sasac departments under GuoMingYi love team" part of the youth league members in angang study inspections. The sasac departments under the standing deputy secretary of the party committee to thyself before, the sasac propaganda work bureau deputy director, director of the organizing HanTianHe civilization office directly under the authority and the trade union chairman LvQiuJu from the sasac departments under the TingJu, directly under the unit, straight association, part of the other enterprise unit is in Beijing's 30 young comrade took part in the activities.


"The sasac departments under GuoMingYi love team" and "contemporary lei feng" comrade GuoMingYi the discussion exchange, the comrade GuoMingYi presented "learning GuoMingYi, to spread the lei feng spirit" plaque, to GuoMingYi love team long-term funded 20 poor students donated the sasac departments under the general cadre staff this year in the May 4th period love money 46226.50 yuan, laptops and "modern Chinese dictionary" and other items. During the campaign, the love team visited the angang shares ironmaking plant new no. 3 blast furnace, hot rolled DaiGangChang 2150 production lines, abrasion 2130 production line, and along the GuoMingYi comrade commuter route visited his work unit JiDaShan iron ore, Also visited the MengTai statue, chemical complex lei feng memorial hall and GuoMingYi love studio. The sasac authority youth also and angang youth "how to learn GuoMingYi into effect", "how to improve management activities play young force action", "youth how to post building based on a" had a heated topic deep discussion and exchange. Through the investigation activities, love team a line of field experience GuoMingYi comrade foothold official duty, and selfless dedication of the lofty spirit and angang advanced enterprise culture, to accept a profound ideological education and spiritual baptism.


In and GuoMingYi comrade's discussion exchange meeting, deputy secretary of party committee of anshan steel group company, trade union chairman YinLi representative of anshan steel group company to the sasac of the state council departments under GuoMingYi love team a line of welcome. And he said, behold, in the party's eighteen big forthcoming, the sasac of the state council departments under GuoMingYi love team to visit, angang communication and guidance work, this is the state council departments under the sasac for angang attention and care, is to is to play a good control efficiency of tough sell putting deficit of anshan steel group all staff's great support and encouragement. Discussion, comrade GuoMingYi on behalf of the GuoMingYi love team and funded by the poor students, to the sasac of the state council has been to GuoMingYi love team development support and help as well as to the poor students' selfless care and donate to appreciate the love team members in carry on good volunteer activities, devote the society at the same time, to love their work, the courage to bear, in the post to be international, for the country's prosperity and strength, the rejuvenation, people's happiness to contribute.


On the occasion of the symposium, comrade to thyself on behalf of the state council, the sasac departments under party committee, directly under the authority GuoMingYi love the team to anshan group company thank party committee. He pointed out that, angang is regarded as the cradle of China's iron and steel industry, not only for China's national economic and social development made a great contribution, more accumulated precious spiritual wealth, MengTai emerging, WangChongLun, lei feng, and a large number of GuoMingYi YingMo, upon them embodies the generations of angang "innovation, pragmatism, each other, dedication," the spirit of. This to angang learning investigation, and GuoMingYi communication discussion, by the practical action is responded positively to the call of the party central committee under the state council and the implementation of the sasac requirements, in the further investigation in the practice of lei feng spirit, to study and carry forward GuoMingYi comrade advanced deeds activities to further make the firm member youth ideological and political quality, the foothold official duty, from the spot with, from the side with, change the style of work, promote resumption ability. He also told comrade GuoMingYi introduced the sasac of the state council departments under GuoMingYi love team to learn LeiFengXue GuoMingYi activity, and the next solid propulsion GuoMingYi love teamwork normalization puts forward five requirements: one is to pay more attention to grasp the spiritual essence; The second is pay more attention to innovation activities carrier; The third is pay more attention to strengthen the mechanism construction; The fourth is more pay attention to build good atmosphere, 5 it is pay more attention to pay special attention to combining activities.


Finally, comrade to thyself stressed that the current angang group production management experience unprecedented difficulties and challenges, but has a glorious tradition and the iron will of angang people unite and mobilize the general cadre staff unite as one, face to face with challenge, forge ahead, the innovation and are doing their best to play up the control kui synergistic tough sell. Hope that the sasac of the state council departments under members of the youth to angang people learn, angang spirit back, carry out to his own work; To care about enterprise, serves for the enterprise, and support through the current angang temporary difficulties.

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