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ZhangGuoBao a line to fuqing nuclear inspection guidance

Source:中核集团网站 Number of visits: Date:2012-10-31

October 30,, the Chinese people's political consultative conference, economic committee zhang guobao, vice in fujian province government deputy secretary general ZhangJinZhu, China nuclear power co., LTD., general manager ChenHua accompanied by such as inspection and guide fuqing nuclear power field work.


ZhangGuoBao inspected the fuqing nuclear power project construction of overall situation, and listened to fuqing nuclear power co., LTD., general manager of JiangGuoYuan 1 ~ 6 unit engineering progress, unit 4 FCD former site to report. ZhangGuoBao on fuqing nuclear power project site selection, the project construction work give affirmation. He pointed out that building a nuclear power must use mature technology and equipment, for the orderly propulsion engineering construction progress and subsequent unit safe production to provide security. He stressed that engineering construction should always will be safety and quality in the first place, we should actively take measures to overcome the expansion project of a tight schedule, task, challenges such as the difficulties in an all-round way, speed up engineering construction.


ChenHua said, the nuclear group will uphold the concept of "safety and quality is the lifeline of nuclear power" concept, firm faith, spirits, and setting hearts meet force, forge ahead, with a high degree of responsibility, dedication and sense of urgency and the sense of mission and focus on the following construction "four control" to promote fuqing nuclear power security, steady and harmonious, scientific development, for the healthy development of nuclear power industry in our country and hercynian regional economic development to make new greater contributions.


Fujian province development and reform commission deputy director of fuzhou city GongYouQun, standing vice mayor ChenDaJiang fuqing city, such as the main leadership accompanied investigation.

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