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China experimental fast reactor project through the national ministry of science and technology acceptance

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On October 31,, the national high technology research and development program (" 863 "plan) major project China experimental fast reactor engineering passed by the state ministry of science and technology organization expert group acceptance. The completion of China experimental fast reactor, marking China's nuclear energy development "pressurized water reactor - fast reactor - fusion reactor" three-step development strategy of the second step has made a great breakthrough, also marks the our country in the fourth generation nuclear power technology development to enter the international advanced level in the world. National science and technology CaoJianLin, vice minister of the nuclear group general manager and QianZhi national defense science and industry bureau system engineering two company priests WangMinZheng attent the meeting and delivered a speech. The nuclear group chief engineer LeiZengGuang to attend the meeting.


CaoJianLin said at the meeting, in the party's eighteen big forthcoming, the China experimental fast reactor project smoothly through the experts acceptance, technology is a front to the CPC central committee and the state council pay an important papers. China experimental fast reactor is the first national "863" plan project support, so far the largest amount of national science and technology support project. "1025" period, ministry of science and technology will continue to arrange fast reactor key technology, nuclear fuel cycle technology, nuclear safety technology and application of nuclear technology research project. In the next step China demonstration fast reactor in research and development, to further highlight independent innovation; To ensure that nuclear safety, adhere to the principle of safety first, fully consider all kinds of possible risks and make sure everything is in order.


QianZhiMin in his speech said, the CPC central committee and the state council and the national various ministries and commissions under the leadership of the support, the nuclear group has been to fast reactor development attaches great importance to that China should concentrate human, material and financial resources, transfer the parties experts participate in fast reactor construction, all the work for our goal is to become a nuclear power, the power to contribute. The development of fast reactor technology goal, and that is with advanced science and technology as the lead, for the future development of nuclear power to lay a solid foundation. Japan fukushima nuclear accident was a wake-up call for us, so always establish safety first, quality first nuclear power development policy, make sure that the experiment fast reactor safety operation, ensure nuclear safety no risk at all, really let the party and national satisfaction, let people trust.


WangMinZheng points out, the completion of China experimental fast reactor, on behalf of our country has basically has the independent research and development and build fast reactor ability, is our country in the history of the fast reactor is an important milestone. The next step in the existing on the basis of results, strengthen the top design and the overall plan, and strive to promote sustainable development of the undertaking of fast reactor; In ensuring the premise of nuclear safety, give full play to the experimental fast reactor scientific research platform effect, for our country's economic development and the modernization of national defense to make the new contribution.


Fast reactor is three steps China's nuclear energy development key, through the "863" plan support, China has become the world a few have fast reactor technology is one of the several countries. In China experimental fast reactor based on the platform, ministry of science and technology and the nuclear group and so on are continuing to support China's atomic energy science research institute, and other units for demonstration fast reactor, MOX fuel and post-treatment key technology research and development, in order to realize the industrialization of our country fast reactor and the establishment of advanced nuclear fuel cycle system.


It is understood that the China experimental fast reactor project by the state ministry of science and technology and national defense science and industry bureau and other departments jointly support, the nuclear group organization, China institute of atomic energy science concrete bear. The project in July 21, 2010 for the first time realized the critical, July 22, 2011) grid generation success.


Meanwhile, atomic energy school organization hundreds of domestic property, study and research unit to participate in research and development, at the same time and the Russia and other foreign research institutions to carry out the close international cooperation, has completed the preliminary research, design, construction, commissioning and trial operation. In order to promote our country fast reactor commercialization process, make fast reactor industrial chain, our country also established by atomic energy court as the leader, the combination of more than 50 home unit in fast reactor industrialization technology innovation strategy alliance. Through the China experimental fast reactor development and construction, the project made a large number of independent innovation achievements and patents, realize the experimental fast reactor independent research, independent design, independent construction, independent operation and independent management, form a complete set of research and development ability, and cultivate a group of outstanding technical talent, to achieve the "build device, control technology, talents training, conducting experiment" for scientific purposes.


The state ministry of science and technology, national defense science and industry bureau, the nuclear group headquarters the relevant departments and China institute of atomic energy science leadership, and acceptance expert group members and more than 100 people attended the meeting.

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