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SunQin investigation TongLiao uranium industry stressed out of domestic natural uranium security new way

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On October 27, the nuclear group chairman, party secretary SunQin in nuclear group general manager assistant, geological mining division director CaoShuDong and headquarters responsible person of related department and accompanied by the new nuclear power around the state council after development planning existing natural uranium security issues, flew to the Inner Mongolia nuclear TongLiao uranium industry limited liability company research natural uranium development, construction conditions.


SunQin a line of deep TongLiao uranium industry production field, a detailed view of the production operation, safety emergency, environmental protection work inspected, and had a cordial sympathy fighting in the production line of the employees. In seriously listen to the report, SunQin TongLiao uranium industry to all aspects of the achievements gave high evaluation of the geological mining group implement uranium big base construction, speeds up the stampede resources, innovation cooperation mode, strengthening the scientific and technological innovation and adjustment of productivity layout, and "the new project, the new" "small core, big cooperation" and so on the way to give the full affirmation. He pointed out that, through the "big cooperation", further expand the scope of and control over resources quantity, promote quickly natural uranium capacity; Through the "small core", further improve production and management efficiency and realize the management level.


SunQin points out, the state council executive meeting through the nuclear safety planning (2011-2020) "and" nuclear power medium and long-term development plan (2011-2020) "clearly China nuclear power will be safe return to normal, construction of natural uranium industry development has also put forward clear objectives, the group company natural uranium industry development, and create a good opportunity, but also put forward severe challenges. Nuclear power development, natural uranium resources exploration and development is an important foundation. As geological mining people, have the enterprise of honor, sense of mission, also should have a strong sense of responsibility and crisis.


As geological mining group natural uranium development "the new project, the new" first foretaste of typical representative, SunQin very glad to see TongLiao uranium industry in cooperation mechanism, management innovation, technology innovation and safe environmental protection innovation achieved gratifying results, fully embodies the group company "open and inclusive, cooperation, win-win" business philosophy. TongLiao uranium industry transformation development mode, in a very short time built DaChan standard enterprise. Company staff less, high science and technology content, the production cost control, safe environmental protection effect is good, realize the uranium industry system per capita output first, the output value per person per capita benefit first and the first. SunQin TongLiao uranium industry for the development of business with the "four good" gives the affirmation, i.e., the project construction, production management, talent team, benchmarking demonstration good.


SunQin also point out that TongLiao uranium areas rich in resources, a huge potential for development, is expected to be built in the region's big uranium production base, technique research base and talent training base, the group company departments to support TongLiao uranium industry development, strengthen the guidance, equipped with resources. At the same time, should actively summarize good experience and practice, the promotion of geological mining group puts forward "small core, big cooperation" project development mode and technical innovation mode, innovation resources development mechanism, out of a domestic natural uranium security new way.


SunQin to TongLiao uranium industry future development put forward four requirements: one is to do a good job in uranium resources development cooperation, to actively promote and petrochina liaohe branch of cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and at the same time to make good "1025, 1035" capacity, technology and talent planning; The second is to continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, completes the intellectual property protection, and further improve the level of management, strengthen the security management of environmental protection, we should actively "going out", learning the foreign advanced technology and management experience. Three is to strengthen the team construction, and cultivate good style of work, we should strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, concise enterprise spirit, promoting the staff's mental outlook and vitality; Four is to the development of firm confidence, speeds up the development speed, the benefit, the talented person, an experience, for the development of nuclear industry to make the new contribution.


During the investigation, SunQin also listen to the nuclear north uranium industry company of energy saving and emission reduction and comprehensive technical improvement project acceptance report, and this year's acceptance work puts forward specific requirements.

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