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SunQin QianZhiMin met the ministry of land and resources leadership promote uranium resources development

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October 30, chairman of the board of directors in the nuclear group, secretary of the party SunQin, general manager, deputy secretary of the party QianZhiMin a line called on the ministry of land and resources minister XuShao history, vice minister wang and other leaders. The nuclear group general manager assistant, geological mining business BuDangZu secretary, director CaoShuDong accompanied, attended the meeting. .


SunQin to the ministry of land and resources in the uranium resources exploration and development policy, capital and so on the support of the nuclear group said thank, from the ore-prospecting achievements, exploration mining smelting, foreign cooperative development, big base construction, management system and mechanism innovation, etc in recent years are briefly report in nuclear geological mining industry development, the paper provides the nuclear group in uranium exploration socialization, ore right circulation commercialization, clear responsibility main body mining specialized, diversified investment cooperation advice.


XuShao history SunQin a line to report to the ministry of land and resources said welcome, the nuclear group work to understand the ministry of land and resources, thanks for years in uranium exploration and development of the achievements in the work of congratulations. He points out that land and resources will know more about enterprise demand, as always in nuclear group resources exploration and development well service work, also hope to enterprise to understand the service requirements of the ministry of land and resources. In the exploration areas, hope nuclear group in uranium minerals in increasing exploration efforts, to ensure a stable supply.


Wang fully affirmed the nuclear group adhere to the "open, inclusive, cooperation, win-win" concept of development, through deepening the reform in the uranium resources exploration and development in areas of significant results, at the same time SunQin agree with the deepening natural uranium resources development and reform four aspects proposals. He said, support to the nuclear group for uranium resources development responsibility main body, together with other interested parties, resources possession party, through the extensive cooperation, in to the nuclear industry development, is beneficial to the geological prospecting, in the premise of technology innovation, and actively promote uranium resources development. For the next step work, wang requirements, the ministry of land and resources development department lead, the nuclear group clear departments, cooperate to make natural uranium resources exploration of mining right circulation and exploration qualification management reform policies, overall consideration good oil, coal, and uranium resource to rational mining; To emphasized on the north sedimentary basin to immersion type sandstone resources development, maximum limit make good use of resources.


The ministry of land and resources GuiHuaSi, geological exploration company, development department, the department of reserves, adjustable bureau, fund do leadership, the nuclear group planning development, ZhengYan business administration department, geological mining group and other related department person in charge, attended the meeting.

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