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"The main steam isolation valve development

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On October 12, 2012, nuclear group company in science and technology and information department organization experts to come to my company to "nuclear power plant key valve design and manufacturing technology research and development program" items "main steam isolation valve development" acceptance.


Main steam isolation valve is used for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant secondary circuit of main steam system, when the containment inside or outside of the containment main steam pipeline fracture part, main steam isolation valve provide main steam rapid isolation, to limit the out of control steam release not more than a steam generator loading water capacity, thus preventing reactor coolant system too cooling and containment pressure rise too much more than design pressure. Main steam isolation valve belong to active valve, is located in the containment outside, in the steady state operating conditions, main steam isolation valve in an open state, in all expected normal or accident conditions (steam pipeline rupture), main steam isolation valve in the received signal isolation, in 5 seconds can be automatic fast shut. The our company developed main steam isolation valve with diameter, factor of safety requirement is high, the closing time short etc.


The project assessment team all experts listened to my company research and development projects department for the whole project report, refer to the project results file, and the field test of prototype witness. The expert group's careful discussion, to my company main steam isolation valve research work to form the more valuable advice. Experts point out that main steam isolation valve each key indexes meet the specification requirements and prototype completed a number of calculation analysis and seismic analysis, and through the water pressure test and cold function test, in line with the national defense science and industry bureau "about nuclear power plant key valve design and manufacturing technology research and development project feasibility study report written reply to a subordinate body" of assessment index requirements, hope to further improve evaluation test, realize the product localization, applied to the project as soon as possible.


Finally, experts agree that project through the acceptance.

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