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Office of the central working conference of enterprise legal system of instruction

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For one year, the central enterprise centering on "153" general ideas, to adapt to speed up the transformation and upgrading of internationalized management and implementation of the new requirements, the comprehensive start legal work three years the third goal, legal risk prevention mechanism construction advancement, legal advisor team quality further ascension, for the enterprise and stronger do best, scientific development provides legal support and protection. I represent the sasac to central enterprise the legal work cadres express my heartfelt thanks and regards!


At present, the growth of the stability of the task is very hard, and compliance management, risk prevention requirements more prominent, the central enterprise legal work to put forward new challenge. Hope the comrades to scale the world first-class, advancing the legal work of the new three years goal, further strengthen the "business in accordance with the law, the decision to ask method" concept, to carry out solid legal management promotion activities, and constantly improve the legal risk prevention mechanism, better play the role of legal consultant team, for safeguards and promote the enterprise to realize "1025" reform development goals to make greater contribution to the excellent result to meet the party's eighteen big victory at!


Sasac director, secretary of the party committee office


September 20, 2012

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