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The nuclear group to visit the "scientific development brilliant achievements" photo exhibition

Source:中核集团网站 Number of visits: Date:2012-10-29

In the entire party and the whole country celebrate the victory of the eighteenth big held, on October 29, the nuclear group chairman, party secretary SunQin, general manager, deputy secretary of the party QianZhiMin, leading party group members, deputy general manager LvHuaXiang, QiuJianGang, YangChangLi, leading party group members, JiJianZu leader LiXueDong, party members, the chief accountant LiJiZe, chief engineer LeiZengGuang, assistant to the general manager LiXiaoMing, and the leaders of relevant departments a total of 50 people, visited by the CPC central committee propaganda department, the state development and reform commission and the people's liberation army general political department and the Beijing municipal party committee of the hosting the scientific development brilliant achievements "large picture exhibition.


SunQin a line to watch and listen to the exhibition content is introduced, especially to visit about nuclear engineering and construction, scientific research, and other field results pictures, big parent time stop talking and were respectively.


This large slide show is divided into XuPian and nine main part, from different sides show since the 16th CPC national congress, China's socialist economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and ecological civilization construction, national defense and army building, Hong Kong, Macao and work and on Taiwan work, all-directional diplomacy, the party's construction the brilliant achievements made.

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