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2012 workers in nuclear science and technology organized by Fun Games

Source:工会 Number of visits: Date:2012-11-05

Held to meet the party's 48 big victory, rich in cultural life, enhanced trade union constitution and create a harmonious atmosphere, promote enterprise development as the goal, to establish the "I participate, I'm healthy, I'm happy" life philosophy, promote the construction of corporate culture,further raise employee awareness of fitness and unite the broad masses of workers teamwork spirit in SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd. unions was held in the afternoon of October 28, 2012 Employee fun Games.

        The competition is divided into four projects: Group Rope Skipping Competition, the two legs 2X50 meter relay, the bodies shipped basketball 4X100 meters relay and jump rope game. A total of more than 220 employees of 12 departments participating, the leadership of the company to the scene to watch the entire game. The departments athletes win without pride, defeat is not discouraged, spirits, and fought hard, and strive to race out the level of the race out of style after a fierce rivalry, the ultimate American Standard plant division will get two The three-leg relay race first prize, the cause of nuclear power valve parts unions get the first prize of groups jump rope, and groups shipped basketball relay, special valve factory division will get the jump rope competition first prize.

        After the game, the deputy general manager, trade union chairman Liu Jianpei winning athletes awarded prizes and participating workers solidarity movement to win in the race came to realize connotation, individual and collective, body and mind, exercise and happiness fusion with exercise, relieve stress. Courage to struggle to carry forward in the Games, dare rushed indomitable will, the solidarity of the lofty realm of thought, and good spirit, brought to the future work life to hard work, to achieve better results for the company.

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