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Sasac central enterprise legal system work conference held

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In order to adapt to the central enterprises in the current reform, development and faced with the new situation and new challenges, and to further improve the market competition ability, promotes the legal management level, on September 27, 2012 to 28, the sasac of the state council held a central enterprise legal work symposium, summarizes the central enterprise legal work new three years target start implementation, clear for a period of the main work and task requirements. The sasac of the state council director, secretary of the party committee office of special made important instructions, deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision HuangShuHe attended the meeting and make important speech.


Wang yong in the instruction that, the central enterprise centering on "153" general ideas, to adapt to speed up the transformation and upgrading of internationalized management and implementation of the new requirements, the comprehensive start legal work three years the third goal, legal risk prevention mechanism construction advancement, legal advisor team quality further ascension, for the enterprise and stronger do best, scientific development provides legal support and protection.


Wang pointed out that the current insurance growth keep stable task is hard, and compliance management, risk prevention requirements more prominent, the central enterprise legal work to put forward new challenge. The central enterprises to scale the world first-class, advancing the legal work of the new three years goal, further strengthen the "business in accordance with the law, the decision to ask method" concept, to carry out solid legal management promotion activities, and constantly improve the legal risk prevention mechanism, better play the role of legal consultant team, for safeguards and promote the enterprise to realize "1025" reform development goals to make greater contribution. HuangShuHe pointed out in his speech, the central enterprises to legal work closely around the new three years goal, according to "improve" overall request, adopt effective measures to promote the increasing strength, enterprise legal system has achieved new progress and effectiveness. One is to implement a new three years target a good start, in the new three years of the implementation of the goal in the first year, 117 household central enterprise complete start work, of which 115 family enterprise specifically formulated for concrete implementation scheme, 94 households enterprise founded the implementation work leading group; The second is the legal system work "improve" the various tasks in a down-to-earth manner, all posts, whole process of legal risk prevention mechanism constantly improved, legal advisor team construction further, legal foundation management gradually ramming; The third is the support of legal work service role further revealed, and major business activities to guarantee more powerful, their legitimate rights and interests effectively maintenance.


HuangShuHe stressed, according to the new three years goal overall request, for a time, the central enterprise legal system work to comprehensive to mark world class, from a higher position, more wide field of vision, a deeper level, speed up the perfect system mechanism, and constantly improve the ability level. One is to adapt to the complex severe market competition environment, pay more attention to build up enterprise compliance management bottom line; The second is to service the central enterprise reform and development new task, more pay attention to the value of enterprise legal work role; The third is to focus on cultivating the world first-class enterprise core purpose, pay more attention to improve the central enterprise legal management ability and level; Four is to deal with the central enterprise internationalization operation of new challenges, pay more attention to strengthen the legal risk prevention. The fifth is to implement the general counsel resumption ability construction of the new requirements, pay more attention to deal with "a" and "can do" relationship.


HuangShuHe pointed out that, the central enterprise general counsel the organization carries out the legal system work is faced with opportunities and challenges, only to speed up the promotion resumption ability, can be more make a difference. One will further enhance strategic thinking ability; Second, we need to improve overall leadership; Third, we will improve legal professional ability; The fourth is to further enhance their own ideological realm.


HuangShuHe requirements, the next two years, is the central enterprise full implementation of legal work target new three years the most critical period. To ensure complete new three years target various tasks, one is to further enhance in the new three years target sense of responsibility and sense of urgency; The second is to and earnestly do a good job in the new three years implementation plan to carry out the target; Three is to make sure that the new three years target core requirements be fully realize; Four is to always adhere to the new three years goal and advance middle and amount of unity, The fifth is to vigorously cultivate the central enterprise the rule of law culture.


The central state organs units concerned of the state council, the sasac relevant TingJu leadership and the central enterprise for enterprise legal system working controller, general counsel and legal department person in charge of more than 300 people attended the meeting.

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