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LiuTieNan investigation tianwan nuclear power station emphasize to carry out the "two planning"

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On October 26,, the national development and reform commission deputy director, national energy bureau chief LiuTieNan a line to the tianwan nuclear power station investigation. The nuclear group general manager, deputy secretary of the party QianZhiMin, China nuclear power co., LTD., general manager ChenHua accompanied by such as inspection and attended the report back meeting.


LiuTieNan has inspected tianwan nuclear power station site exhibition hall, unit 1 master control room, 3, 4 unit engineering field and 5, 6 unit engineering field, detailed listened to jiangsu nuclear power co., LTD. Of tianwan nuclear power station overall situation report, and important speech.


LiuTieNan pointed out that the development of nuclear power to promote the country's energy reduction and guarantee the sustainable development of energy plays an important role. Recently, the nuclear safety planning (2011-2020) "and" nuclear power medium and long-term development plan (2011-2020) "won the approval of the state council, the nuclear power industry development of our country and China's nuclear industry development is of great significance. The nuclear group in China nuclear industry developing bear an important responsibility and mission, in nuclear power design, management and operation has a good foundation, advanced technology and excellent talents. He hope nuclear group become China's nuclear power security and development "two planning" the important participant, implement, and practitioners.


LiuTieNan of tianwan nuclear power station every field achieved give full affirmation, in the hope that nuclear power co., LTD., jiangsu implement good "two planning" of the regulations and requirements, and further to deepen to Russian cooperation, strengthen nuclear science knowledge propaganda for tianwan nuclear power base sustainable development to create a good external environment.


The development of the nuclear group nuclear power industry the next phase of the key work, the LiuTieNan puts forward three requirements: one is to strictly according to the latest through the nuclear power "two planning", to do a fukushima nuclear accident after operation of nuclear power plant rectification work, in the related the work carries out walk at the forefront of peer; The second is to steadily start new nuclear power projects, adhere to the safety and efficient development; 3 it is to want to carry out nuclear power in the "two planning" requirements of the process, strengthen to the national energy administration and other related ministries and commissions communication and the exchange, completes the information and experience feedback, to promote the "two planning" actual to enrich and perfect. QianZhiMin representatives of the nuclear group to the national development and planning commission, the state bureau of energy and all levels of local government for a long time the nuclear group and the member units of the attaches great importance to and vigorously support expressed heartfelt thanks. QianZhiMin said, the nuclear group will close butt nuclear power security and development in China "two planning" to play an active role, and work hard to "two planning" to carry out the person, perfect person and practice to take the lead person, on the one hand, in the operating unit on carefully implement good fukushima after a nuclear accident improvement work, on the other hand, under the leadership of the national energy administration, in strict accordance with the "two planning" the request, steadily promote the new nuclear power project development, and ensure the safety in development, promoting the scientific development to China's nuclear power industry safety and efficient development make new greater contributions.


Jiangsu province government deputy secretary general XuLi, the national development and reform commission deputy secretary-general, economic operation bureau chief LiYang, the national energy administration power company priests XuYongCheng, jiangsu provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) ChenZhenNing director, as well as the energy bureau of jiangsu province, lianyungang municipal party committee and the municipal people's congress, municipal development and reform commission, and other units the leaders, the nuclear group related departments and China nuclear power engineering co., LTD., the person in charge of the jiangsu nuclear power general manager department members and part of the room accompanied by inspection and participated in report back meeting.

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