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The nuclear group strengthen artificial cost control and position consumption management

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October 30,, the nuclear group held in Beijing artificial cost control and position consumption management project video will be. The chairman of the nuclear group, secretary of the party SunQin, general manager, deputy secretary of the party QianZhiMin attent the meeting and delivered a speech. The nuclear group member of the party group, the JiJianZu leader LiXueDong attended the meeting and convey the commission for discipline inspection, ministry of supervision on regulating the sasac central enterprise controller position consumption symposium spirit and the sasac about the central enterprise labor and employment and income distribution symposium spirit. The nuclear group member of the party group, the chief accountant LiJiZe preside over the meeting, the chief engineer LeiZengGuang attend.


SunQin stressed that in order to make artificial cost control and position consumption management work, each member unit main leadership will focus on four aspects: strengthen ideas: one is to enhance the concept of legal system, the state-owned assets, state-owned capital sacred and inviolable, to realize the labor cost control and post consumer spending appears in violation of regulations phenomenon is illegal behavior, it is strictly prohibited to appear in violation of state laws and regulations phenomenon; The second is to strengthen discipline concept, to discipline the heart of fear, takes the lead to implement good group the relevant rules and regulations, have exemplary and model action; Three is to enhance the overall situation concept, to the enterprise long-term, scientific and sustainable development is responsible, put an end to "59" phenomenon and "arrival" mention bonus, gao fuli, making more than enterprise bear ability salary policy phenomenon; The fourth is to strengthen responsibility concept, main administrative leadership to shoulder the responsibility of the unit development, carry out the good of the party's principles and policies, implement good superior rules and regulations, party committees at all levels to take on leadership supervision and guarantee responsibility, play a good will political advantage into economic advantage role. He pointed out that, the current units should actively carry out self-examination and rectification work, the company the next step will be to increase ZunZhangShouJi, consciously self-discipline comrades working encouragement and support, and strengthen patrol, audit, special inspection, and the work of the implementation of the appointment and removal of the same personnel, salary rewards and punishments, etc. Close hook.


QianZhiMin pointed out that, in recent years, the group company salary management has achieved good results, and system construction and reform work made important progress, cost of labor input and output increased year by year, in the economic efficiency was improved at the same time, the worker pay to get steady growth. Group company conscientiously implement the state-owned enterprise party construction and combat corruption and build a clean government requirements, will regulate member unit principal position consumption and establish member unit principal incentive and constraint mechanism, establishing the punish and prevent the corruption system closely set, in order to JianZhangLiZhi as the key point, actively promote the standard member unit consumption work position. In the affirmation achievement at the same time, he points out, the company in the pay issue, office, consumption and cost control, there are many shortage, should be taken seriously. He stressed that, the nuclear group staff to understand deeply the current situation to strengthen the labor cost control of important significance: first, strengthen the labor cost control is to deal with the international domestic severe economic situation of the objective needs; Second, strengthen the labor cost control is to achieve the sasac economic benefit evaluation target of the objective needs; Finally, strengthen the labor cost control is the sasac implement human resource management promotion overall requirements.


The meeting pointed out that in the next period, the company artificial cost control, post consumption management will focus from conversion concept, deepen the labor employment system reform, strengthen the process control, strengthening the chief salary management, further standardize position consumption, regulate the salary welfare income management, serious income distribution work discipline in seven aspects to begin the work.


The nuclear group headquarters relevant departments and each department (specialization company), support services, part of the Beijing area member units of the party and government and the principal person in charge of the deal, financial work leadership, the company human resource department, finance department staff in the main venue, each member units of the party and government and the main person in charge of the relevant person in charge, the personnel, the financial department staff in the venue to the conference, the participation of the staff of more than 1200 people.

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