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In nuclear science and technology hold \"our festival - celebrate 18, ode to party\" worker singing contest

Source:工会 Number of visits: Date:2012-10-30

In the new period to reveal the general staff's mental outlook, encouraging broad worker carry forward the pioneering and innovative, pioneering spirit, vigorously carry forward the socialist core value system, and arouse patriotic enthusiasm, rouse national spirit, and condensed worker strength, fully express broad worker celebrate the party's eighteen big victory at the heroic mood, guide and motivate employees to further strengthen national self-respect, self-confidence and sense of pride. In nuclear science and technology trade unions on September 28, held the "our festival - celebrate 18, ode to party" worker singing contest.


The singing contest a total of 12 teams to participate in more than 360 employees, the company leadership to watch the game. Game, the staff with full enthusiasm and high spurt song and made the socialist main melody, sing out to the party and to the motherland, the socialist infinite love and true feelings. One after another from the patriotic songs, on the stage singing sonorous, the warm applause, the exciting. After the fierce contention of tension, and finally the sales department, the department of comprehensive management team for the first prize, technical research and development center, manufacturing purchasing won the second prize, ball valve company, special valve factory, channel valve group won the third prize.


After the game, the general manager of the company, ZhangZongLie made a passionate speech, hope broad worker firm and strengthen the enterprise sustainable development confidence, continue to carry forward in the game reflected team consciousness, discipline consciousness, with full enthusiasm to create life, create the future, in their respective positions on the hard work for the company contribution to the development and strengthening of power.

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