"Into the History, Experience Culture" - Record the second branch of China Nuclear Science and Technology, May 2018, Wuxi Three

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"Into the History, Experience Culture" - Record the second branch of China Nuclear Science and Technology, May 2018, Wuxi Three

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Away from the hustle and bustle
Walking into the long river of history,
Experience the charm of folklore,
Feeling the accumulation of culture.
  At 10 o'clock on the morning of May 5, with the drizzle of the sky, we came to the Three Kingdoms City, which is located on the verdant green hills and the beautiful Taihu Lake. The first thing we saw was the high Three Kingdoms City. "The city wall gate, magnificent, ancient and dignified, two lifelike stone beasts in front of the door, seems to warmly welcome the guests from all directions. Passing through the gates of the city, the giant three-legged antique bronze Han Ding came into view, as if it had produced an illusion of passing through time and space and returning to ancient times to witness the three pillars of Wei, Yi and Wu.
Along the avenue, we came to Wuying Wharf. We boarded the ancient warship used for filming in the past. The scorch marks on the ship were still there. It was only the horror of Cao Cao’s collapse and the “disintegration of sand”.
The north side of Wuying is the Wuwang Palace built on the mountain. The layout is high and low, and each other is supported. The red "Hi" character is awesome. Along the Ganlu Temple, we came to the "burning red wall" stunt field, and the spectacular war scenes of the raging fire and the flames of the flames shocked the eye, making us have to admire the development of today's technology, but also have to feel the cruelty of ancient wars.
The long history and culture combined with the modern film and television performance, the spectacular classical architecture and the wonderful large-scale performances make me feel like I have traveled through time and space. I came to the Three Kingdoms era and lived with the heroes.
After lunch, the rain gradually stopped. We came to Shuiyu City. The scenery we saw on TV before, all of a sudden appeared in front of us, passing through the city gate, and a group of "Song Dynasty" style buildings were presented. There are merchants on both sides of the road, there are Wangjia tea pots, there are Wu Dawei's cake shop, there is a lion building, there is Wang Po tea house, etc., just in time to catch up with the performance "Wu Song fights Ximen Qing", the wonderful performance attracts the audience Cheers and applause.
After watching the performance, passing through "Gaotang Prefecture", we came to the "Song Dynasty Royal Palace", the unique grandeur of the ancient architecture, which is amazing. Everything in front of me seems to make me feel that I came to the Song Dynasty. A sense of pride stemming from the motherland came to life.
On the way back, we deliberately boarded the "Juyi Hall". Although we could only rush in a hurry, we can understand the blood scene of the 108 heroes of Liangshan.
The “Water Margin City” promotes the splendid national culture of the Song Dynasty. Through a series of realistic sights, it reproduces the folk customs on both sides of the Qing Dynasty during the Qingming period. During this period, the city’s bridge houses are close to each other, and the boats and horses traveled one after another. Nearly its intention, let us seem to have forgotten the troubles of the world, lingering in the past years.
Through this “going into history, experiencing culture” activities, not only enriched the employees' spare time, but also made the employees understand the history and culture of the Three Kingdoms and the Minamata, and enhanced the communication and cooperation between various departments, thus improving the situation. The cohesiveness of the company allows everyone to devote more enthusiasm to future work and life.