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Based on the post, dedication, courage to act as a party class - Wu Hui, a member of the Nuclear Science and Technology Party Co
It is the responsibility of establishing a new era. The glorious image of the Communist Party members who are responsible for it
The Tenth Party Branch held a briefing meeting on the inspection of the situation
Standards for the New Situation, Standardizing the Political Life in the Party——A Lesson from Chen Jianping, General Manager of
Ability to be willing to contribute: emergency troubleshooting
Ten years, one day: based on your position, lead by example - 2017 "National Nuclear Group" "excellent party worker" Ren Lijie
Remembering the ancestors, remembering the mission - "Revisit history, pursue the footsteps of the ancestors" red educational ac
China Nuclear Science and Technology launches warning education activities
China Nuclear Science and Technology Development Party Committee Theory Center Group Study
Don't forget to follow the party's initial heart, remember the mission of youth
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