CNNC Technology Yu Pei Pei--2018 China Nuclear Technology Staff Badminton Competition

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CNNC Technology Yu Pei Pei--2018 China Nuclear Technology Staff Badminton Competition

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In order to further enrich the amateur cultural life of the company's employees, build an interactive platform for employees and create a harmonious corporate culture. On September 22, the China Nuclear Science and Technology Trade Union organized a 2018 employee badminton competition. Eight groups from all departments of the company signed up. game.
The competition was highly valued and supported by the company's leaders. Chen Jianping, deputy secretary and general manager of the China Nuclear Science and Technology Party Committee, member of the party committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the labor union, Xiao Xiaodong, party committee member and deputy general manager Jiang Qi took the lead. Wu Jing, vice chairman of the trade union Participating in the organization, the various labor unions actively cooperated with the on-site work and laid a good foundation for the smooth convening of the event.
The one-day competition will ensure one day's production and activities, and on the other hand, ensure that each athlete has adequate adjustments to rest time and play the best level. The competition adopts a lottery cycle system, and each team and each person shoulders the heavy responsibility of winning the honor for the team. The competition is fierce. During the competition, the players were full of energy and tenacity. They used their skills to show off the skills of high ball, smashing, killing and hanging the ball. The on-site duel was also extremely intense and intense. The cheers, cheers and cheers under the field were one after another, making the game exciting.
This competition attracted many badminton fans of the company. Everyone enthusiastically participated in the competition and assisted each other. Following the principle of “friendship first, competition second”, the competition style, the competition level, and the training also improved. Mutual understanding has fully demonstrated the spirit of the employees of China Nuclear Science and Technology, who are active, concerted and hardworking, and created a sports atmosphere of “I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy”, which perfectly explains the theme of the event and greatly enhances the cohesiveness of the employees. And cooperation awareness.
After fierce competition, in the end, the second branch of the union won the first place in the badminton competition, the sixth branch won the second place, and the seventh and eighth branches won the third place.