China Nuclear Technology Nuclear Valve Assembly Group 2 won the "Jiangsu Province Worker Pioneer

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China Nuclear Technology Nuclear Valve Assembly Group 2 won the "Jiangsu Province Worker Pioneer

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On May 24th, another good news came from the labor competition summary and commendation meeting of the construction project of the No. 5 and No. 6 units of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station of the ten key projects in Jiangsu Province. The assembly team of the Nuclear Engineering Valve Division was awarded the “Jiangsu Provincial Worker Pioneer”. Honorary title, this is the second "Jiangsu Province Worker Pioneer" harvested by the company in 2018.
In 2017, the construction project of Units 5 and 6 of Tianwan Nuclear Power Station was once again listed as the top ten key project labor competition projects in Jiangsu Province. As a supplier, the company has been uniformly deployed according to the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., with the care and support of the company's leaders, with the annual goal of the successful completion of the project nodes, effectively promote the company's production and operation and staff quality. As one of the important production teams of the Nuclear Engineering Valve Division, the Nuclear Valve Assembly Group 2 has effectively played a major role in the 5th and 6th projects of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, and has completed various production tasks.
The second group of nuclear valve assembly has 11 employees, mainly young employees, combined with old and young, based on the quality of positions, determined the goal to promote development, and constantly improve the overall skills and quality management level of the team, and participated in the successful completion of several nuclear power projects. In the second half of 2017, the company incorporated Tianwan 5 and 6 projects into the company's labor competition. Facing the status quo of the production of multiple units of multiple units of the company, assembling two groups to withstand the pressure, overcoming production resources and tight staff, tight cycle, etc. Difficulties, with quality assurance progress, to ensure that the product is loaded once the pass rate. Most of the Tianwan 5 and 6 projects are the product structure of the small-diameter forged steel globe valve. In order to improve the work efficiency on the basis of quality and quantity, the assembly two groups actively carry out technological innovation and successfully realize one platform by improving the test tooling. At the same time, two valve performance tests were carried out to alleviate the capacity bottleneck. In addition, by improving the test blind plate structure, the waiting time and preparation time are shortened, and the performance test efficiency of the large-diameter gate valve is improved. At the same time, the potential of deep digging inside, rational allocation of internal process flow of the team, equipment does not rest, to ensure that the end of 2017 Tianwan 5.6 project has successfully completed 2 batches of gate valve acceptance, 3 batches of stop valve acceptance, a total of 799, not only meet the nuclear power field equipment Demand also made a significant contribution to the company's completion of the full-year target.