Xishan Travels - remember the fifth branch of the union building activities

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Xishan Travels - remember the fifth branch of the union building activities

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At the beginning of May and summer, the breeze was not dry and the sun was just right. The long-awaited trade union activities were held in advance on the 23rd. The brothers and sisters of our fifth branch of the trade union gathered together to go to Xishan to carry out the “green picking around the mountain” networking event.
God seems to have taken special care of us, and it is rare to give a sunny day. Everyone’s mood is as bright as the sun. The bus rides with joy and laughter to the beautiful Taihu Lake.
We first visited the Linwu Cave, which is known as the “Ninth Heaven in the World”. Walking into the Linwu Cave is like walking into a colorful world. The mountains and the rocks are beautiful and beautiful. We can't help but feel the magic of nature. We climbed to the top of the mountain and looked at the vastness of the blue waves. Green and green, and bid farewell to the city's hustle and bustle, the body and mind can also be a rare relaxation.
After a simple lunch at noon in the countryside, colleagues started their favorite leisure activities. Some people drink tea together, and everyone is busy with work. Today, everyone gathers, talks, chats, and temporarily throws away the troubles of the world; some gather together, learn the art, and enjoy it; more people, enjoy the beauty of nature. Everyone, three or five, accompanied by the beautiful sunshine in the sunshine of the hustle and bustle. Colorful flowers, the reeds fluttering in the wind, the boundless Taihu Lake, the layers of green hills... This time is so beautiful, everyone has taken a group photo to record this beautiful moment. At this time, during the listing season, the sweet and sour fruits made people appetite, and everyone shouldered their hands and returned with full load.
After that, everyone returned with a happy mood. The event not only enriched the business and cultural life of the employees, but also relaxed everyone's mood, and at the same time enhanced the friendship between colleagues and enhanced team cohesion. This year coincides with the 66th anniversary of the establishment of the Soviet Union valve, and everyone has said that the Su valve has come all the way, both wind and rain. We must inherit the spirit of the hard work of the older generation and devote ourselves to a new journey with full enthusiasm.