Cool summer heat to cool, love is a line of warm heart

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Cool summer heat to cool, love is a line of warm heart

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It is also a hot summer day. In order to do a good job in summer safety protection and ensure that employees stay healthy and healthy under the scorching heat, the China Nuclear Science and Technology Labor Union launched the "2018 Summer Cooling" condolences on July 18. On behalf of the party and government leaders of the company, the party committee members, the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and the chairman of the labor union, Comrade Xiao Xiaodong, sent the “cool gift package” to the employees who insisted on working in the front line.
Yan Xiaodong said that the continuous development of China Nuclear Technology is inseparable from the on-site employees who are still sticking to the post in the hot weather. The company will continue to adhere to the "people-oriented" development philosophy, constantly care for and care for employees, and ensure that employees can maintain physical and mental health and continuous safety in high temperature days. Production, so that the company can rest assured, let the family rest assured. At the same time, we call on everyone to complete this year's goals with quality and quantity in a spirit of meticulous work and dedication and hard work.
The event is the second time that the company's trade unions have carried out high-temperature cooling activities since 2017. The trade unions will adhere to the people-oriented principle, and continue to inspire employees' enthusiasm and enhance their cohesiveness and centripetal force by continuously listening to employees' voices and continuing to innovate activities. Promote the development of corporate harmony, stability and security.