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China Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Science Popularization Community

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In order to let more people correctly understand the "nuclear", on August 3, CNNC's volunteers entered the Yongxin Community Neighborhood Committee and brought a rich nuclear science lecture to the community youth.
The community's science classrooms bring together children of all ages, including children in kindergartens and first-year juniors. Prior to this, almost all of the children had not been exposed to the "nuclear" knowledge, they showed great enthusiasm for today's nuclear science, and are willing to understand the "nuclear" knowledge. They are lively and ardent, and the spirit of seeking knowledge and learning is also infecting volunteers.
In order to make children of different ages better able to accept "nuclear" knowledge, volunteers used PPT to explain and play animations, so that children understand that "nuclear energy is an efficient and clean energy." He explained to the children about the public's misunderstandings about the "explosion" and "radiation" of nuclear power plants, and let the children understand scientifically why "the nuclear power plant will not explode like an atomic bomb". "Everything in the world has radiation, excessive radiation." It will cause harm to the human body, the radiation around the nuclear power plant is very small, and it will not cause harm to the human body. This knowledge enables the children to understand the "nuclear" correctly and scientifically.
In science, parents of children also join the classroom to learn nuclear knowledge together. They also said that such a popular science is very exciting. After listening to it, I feel that the scientific explanation is very convincing, and I will use my scientific knowledge to arm my mind in the future.
Contributed by Xue Dong