Blood donation for 14 years, helping others see the truth

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Blood donation for 14 years, helping others see the truth

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On August 10th, a special link emerged in the voluntary blood donation activities organized by the company. The center station of the blood station in Suzhou City Center awarded the “Suzhou City Blood Donation Gold Award” and the “National Blood Donation Award”. "A number of honors, fully affirmed her love of blood donation, platelet love. In the blood donation activity of the day, the winner won an admirable look.
It is understood that since 2004, she began to donate blood and donate blood platelets from time to time. When she talked about 14 years of unpaid blood donation, she pulled out a total of five blood donation certificates, and said very lightly: "Can help A person in need is a very happy thing." During this period, she donated a total of 30 blood donations, with a total blood donation of 4000 ml. According to the need to save 600 ml of blood, she has saved 7 people. His love has continued 7 lives, further demonstrating the spiritual outlook of Su Jing people's enthusiastic public welfare and sincere dedication to society.
With her own actions and long-term persistence, Zhou Hong silently wrote the big love in her heart and infected others. Under her influence, more and more people around her joined the unpaid blood donation team.
Tenth Branch Chen Shangshu