Company team leader went out to study and exchange

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Company team leader went out to study and exchange

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Recently, the first demonstration team leader of the company's trade union organization went to Nanjing Chenguang Group Co., Ltd. to carry out the study and construction of the team. The out-of-town study exchange was led by Wu Jing, the vice chairman of the company's labor union. The second branch of the labor union chairman Ji Hong, the third branch labor union chairman Sun Yanwei and the company's first batch of demonstration team leaders attended the event.
The study exchange was strongly supported by the Nanjing Chenguang Group Trade Union. Xiang Li, the vice chairman of the Chenguang Group, personally led the class to visit the Skill Master Studio, the first-line labor model innovation studio, the first-line 6S management site and the team construction management board, presenting a good atmosphere for the on-site management system and process promotion measures. In addition, Xu Miling, the chairman of the Chenguang Group Labor Union and the vice chairman of the Nanjing National Defense Industry Union, personally presided over the meeting of the team leader, introduced the development of the Chenguang Group and the practice of team creation, and organized a video of the company's promotional film and team construction. Two first-line excellent team leaders shared the management experience formed in the team construction, showing that the team construction team has a good plan for planning, middle-level initiatives, and team methods.
The team leaders cherish this opportunity to study and study. Wherever you go, listen carefully to the management process and valuable experience of the lecturers, and communicate with the explanations or accompanying personnel in time for questions that are doubtful or incomprehensible. Even some team leaders and Chenguang team leaders add WeChat to each other to facilitate further exchanges later. . After the president of the forum fully understood the overall planning of the Chenguang Group team and the excellent experience of the first-line team, the team leaders affirmed the standardization, institutionalization and innovation of the construction of the Chenguang Group team and expressed the need to bring valuable experience back. The company continued to promote the construction of the team, consolidating the company's management foundation and making new contributions to the company's sustainable development.
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