Zhu Xiajun won the honorary title of national youth position expert

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Zhu Xiajun won the honorary title of national youth position expert

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Recently, the 2012-2013 National Youth Positions and National Youth Positions Awards jointly organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security were announced. Zhu Xiajun, the nuclear power valve division of China Nuclear Su Valve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., was awarded the honorary title of “National Youth Position Expert”.
In 2012-2013, the national youth position expert and the national youth position expert selection is based on the combination of skill competition, national key project implementation, “finding the most beautiful young workers” activities and daily work practices, and has been widely promoted and recommended in various ways. And rigorous review and other stages, a total of 585 "national youth positions" were selected.
Comrade Zhu Xiajun entered the Sino-Sino-Sui valve in August 1999. For more than 10 years, his work has been steady, diligent, innovative, and actively involved in the company's new product research and development. From an ordinary operator, he became the backbone of the production technology and the group leader of CNC in the nuclear power and nuclear chemical valve products of Zhongnuo Su Valve. In a number of major national projects, they have fully utilized their skills and expertise, and have overcome one difficulty after another. They have contributed their own strength to the nuclear power industry in ordinary positions. For example, actively participate in the development of hard-sealed ball valves, shorten the process of key parts valve body by improving process tooling, ensure product quality, and improve processing efficiency; in the development of key national key uranium enrichment valves, bold innovation, adoption The thread milling cutter processes different thread sizes, which greatly shortens the machining time, improves the quality of the thread, and can be completed in the case of a tool, which solves the problem that the tap is easy to break and affect the thread quality during rigid tapping; During the development of the national key special-generation three-generation nuclear power key valve blasting valve, the company began to use its brains to solve technical problems such as clamping and testing, and used advanced numerical control technology to ensure the processing quality of key parts such as valve body, valve cover and piston. It has made important contributions to the successful blasting of the prototype and engineering prototype. The localization of the blasting valve has entered a substantive stage of engineering development.
As a production team leader, Zhu Xiajun can lead by example and lead the team to successfully complete various production tasks, treat the team members with ease, and impart skill in imparting skills. They have cultivated a production technology backbone for the branch factory, and in the ordinary job position The nuclear power industry has contributed its own strength and has won unanimous praise from leaders and colleagues, and has therefore become a model for young scientists to learn.
It is hoped that the young employees of the company will follow the example of advanced models, learn their ideals and beliefs of high morality and serve the motherland, learn their professionalism of dedication and dedication, learn their excellent character of down-to-earth and hard work, and build a well-off society in an all-round way. In the historical process of realizing the Chinese dream, we have made great achievements.