Power Station Valve Division won the first prize of Knowledge Competition

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Power Station Valve Division won the first prize of Knowledge Competition

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In order to improve the quality management level, improve the staff's quality awareness and quality ability, and cooperate with the “National Quality Month” activities to create an atmosphere of learning and practicing quality management knowledge, led by the Quality Management Department, with the support of the trade unions, 2018 9 On the afternoon of the 30th, the theme activity of "2018 China Nuclear Science and Technology Inspection Knowledge Contest" was held on the fifth floor of Zhujiang Road Office Building. The three comrades of Hong Xuejiao, Liu Yang and Fan Jun participated in the competition on behalf of the Power Station Valve Division.
The event was divided into two parts: answering questions and answering questions. The game was in full swing. The players seriously thought about it and actively answered questions. They made accurate answers to some professional questions involved in the questions. The three comrades of our department finally won the first prize of this knowledge contest.
At the end of the event, the contestants also said that learning quality knowledge in this way is novel, easy and vivid, and can also learn more professional knowledge, and unconsciously, expand the horizon, everyone in this knowledge The SHOW in the ocean is out of style. To give everyone a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of quality knowledge, and to clarify the responsibilities of being a technician and quality inspector.
The mystery and fun of knowledge make us forget for a long time, the competition and struggle of life, so that we will never stop.
The eleventh branch of the union:
                                               September 30, 2018