China Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. held the "May 4th" Youth Festival Commendation Conference

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China Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. held the "May 4th" Youth Festival Commendation Conference

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At noon on May 3, in order to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Youth League and the ninety-ninth anniversary of the "May 4th" Movement, the company solemnly held a meeting of the members to further implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and vigorously promote the "May 4th" Spirit, unite the youth of the company's youth to create a new situation in the scientific development of China's nuclear science and technology with a fuller enthusiasm. Chen Jianping, general manager of the company and deputy secretary of the party committee, attended the meeting.
The meeting detailed and meticulously summarized the work of the company's Youth League Committee in 2017, and deployed the 2018 work plan in all aspects, and commended the company's advanced league branch, outstanding group cadres, outstanding members and young positions. 2017 is a key year for the implementation of the company's “13th Five-Year Plan”. The company's Youth League is based on the company's production and management and the growth of young workers, and strives to innovate the work ideas and methods of the Communist Youth League, through the combination of quality education and brand activities. Strengthen the construction of young workforces, improve the overall quality of the youth workforce, promote the in-depth development of the professional positions of the post-employment, and inspire the youth of the youth to dare to struggle and innovate, and arouse the sense of responsibility of the young members of the youth to serve others, serve the enterprise, and serve the society. To contribute to the company's "13th Five-Year Plan" to contribute to the youth.
At the meeting, Chen Jianping gave a greeting to the youth of the company, and combined with the experience in working life, he put forward three ardent hopes for all the youth of the group: First, carry forward the "May 4th Spirit" and adhere to the party's leadership. Adhere to four self-confidences, advance with the times, and establish lofty ideals and beliefs. Second, we must recognize the situation, be brave enough to act as a pioneer in innovation and innovation, and contribute our wisdom and strength in the company's reform and development. We must emancipate our minds, break old and new, dare to innovate, be a benchmark, make achievements in our own posts, set an example, and strive to be the main force of pioneering and innovation.