Do not forget the initial heart, nuclear power forwards - CNNC young volunteers nuclear science in action

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Do not forget the initial heart, nuclear power forwards - CNNC young volunteers nuclear science in action

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On the afternoon of May 7-8, 2018, the China Nuclear Science and Technology Youth League organized a youth volunteer nuclear science into the Xinghai Primary School in Suzhou Industrial Park. A total of 7 volunteers from CNNC participated in the presentation. Some volunteers have conducted nuclear science lectures for Xinghai Primary School for four consecutive years.
The purpose of the presentation was for students in 12 classes in the third grade. Young volunteers conducted nuclear science knowledge presentations through classroom interaction, PPT presentations, and the broadcast of nuclear science cartoons. The most simple and understandable language was used to describe the nuclear power plants to students. The knowledge of power generation, the formation of nuclear fuel, etc., and through the comparison and examples of common things around us, to eliminate everyone's misunderstanding of the "nuclear". The classroom atmosphere was relaxed and active. The students were deeply attracted by the wonderful explanations and vivid cartoons. Some students also discussed with the volunteers about nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and spent fuel treatment. They hope that the teachers can bring A new knowledge point is coming to the school again for a presentation.
The dissemination of "nuclear" safety knowledge is not happening overnight. Everyone's understanding of the "nuclear" needs someone to guide it correctly. The young volunteers of China Nuclear Science and Technology will "don't forget their initial intentions and advance their nuclear power." The "nuclear" popular science propaganda work will continue to work, create a good social environment for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and shed youth and sweat for the dissemination of nuclear safety concepts!