"Nuclear" force to move forward, "painting" in addition to the future - China Nuclear Technology "focus on special children" cha

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"Nuclear" force to move forward, "painting" in addition to the future - China Nuclear Technology "focus on special children" cha

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What is Blue? Is it color? Is it sad? Is it lonely? There are a group of children who don't communicate with others in a "appropriate" way. They like to stay in their own world. They are called "children from the stars."
On May 24th, representatives of the China Nuclear Science and Technology Women Workers Committee and young volunteers came to Suzhou Jiayue Special Early Childhood Intervention Center to have a happy afternoon with the children here.
At the beginning of the activity, the teacher told everyone that autism is a developmental disorder involving perception, emotion, language, thinking, movement and behavior. Most children with autism have a large lack of social understanding. . It is such a special group of children that need more patience and energy to care for them. The volunteers “claimed” a child separately, and everyone joined hands in a circle, and they played a warm-up game of “Blowing Bubbles”. Followed by the volunteers, in a simple and easy-to-understand language, patiently and meticulously guide the children to draw a favorite T-shirt. Finally, the volunteers gave the children a beautiful gift, and the event came to a close in laughter and laughter. In a short and wonderful time, the volunteers used their unselfish love to carefully explore their world. In the eyes of the volunteers, these children are the same angels as ordinary children. To grow up happily, they need to be pampered with the same love. The innocent smile needs to be watered with love. When the big hand is held, the volunteer Their love for them and their trust in volunteers have built a small world in their hearts.
"Love conveys warmth and public welfare to the society!" In recent years, China Nuclear Technology has taken public welfare as the starting point and destination of its responsibility, and has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities by continuing to carry out public welfare activities such as nuclear science popularization, donation poverty alleviation, and voluntary blood donation. Leading the majority of employees to give back to the society with warmth.