"Nuclear" you are together, nuclear science into the campus

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"Nuclear" you are together, nuclear science into the campus

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On the afternoon of September 25, 2018, the Nuclear Science and Technology Youth Volunteers of the Nuclear Science and Technology Institute entered the Suzhou Canglang Experimental Primary School. The 7 company youth volunteers brought a different science class to the classmates of the 7th class in the second grade with a passionate and concise language.
"Teacher, you said that radiation is everywhere, then there will be radiation between people?" The primary school students are scrambling to raise their hands, the volunteers patiently answer them one by one, and use PPT, classroom interaction and other teaching forms to explain to the primary school students. Nuclear science knowledge such as "where does the nuclear come from" and "nuclear is safe". The nuclear science cartoons suitable for them were also broadcasted for the pupils, and they were conveyed the idea that “nuclear energy is safe, nuclear power is green, and nuclear technology is innovation”.
After the event, many students were still unwilling to leave in front of the podium. They hoped that the volunteer teachers would lead them into the wonderful nuclear world with new nuclear knowledge. They also said that they would learn the nuclear knowledge they learned today. Take it back and share it with Mom and Dad.