China Nuclear Science and Technology Development Party Committee Theory Center Group Study

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China Nuclear Science and Technology Development Party Committee Theory Center Group Study

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On July 26, China Nuclear Science and Technology carried out the study of the Party Committee Theory Center Group. The party secretary and chairman of the company Peng Xinying, the deputy secretary of the party committee and the general manager Chen Jianping, the party committee member and deputy general manager Liu Jianpei, Jiang Qi, the party committee member and the chief accountant Lu Zhenxue, the party committee members The secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and the chairman of the labor union, Xiao Xiaodong, attended the study.
This study invited Cheng Xueyang, an associate professor of Wang Jian Law School of Suzhou University, to interpret the revised contents of the 2018 Constitution. From the birth and development of the current Constitution, the comprehensive deepening of reforms, the comprehensive rule of law, the principle of constitutional amendment, and the interpretation of the revised content, Cheng Xueyang systematically, briefly and wonderfully introduced the significance, general requirements and principles of the constitutional revision, and made the theory of the party committee of the company The members of the central group have a deeper understanding of the constitution.
The study also invited experts to carry out a special lecture on “Building the Great Wall of Anti-Spy Steel in the Field of Military Affairs”. Through the special counseling and case analysis, the members of the theoretical party group of the company’s party committee further realized the importance of doing confidential work and anti-spy work. .
Peng Xinying said that the revision of the Constitution is a major measure to promote the comprehensive management of the country according to law and the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. Members of the Party Committee Theory Center of the company should take the lead in respecting the Constitution, studying the Constitution, propagating the Constitution, firmly establishing the constitutional authority, and grasping the essence of the Constitution. Effectively enhance the awareness of the Constitution.
Peng Xinying demanded that the company should further strengthen national security education, confidential education and anti-splash education, strengthen the control of secret personnel, and strengthen close ties with national security organs. Party committee theory center members should take the lead in firmly establishing national security interests. All concepts, overcome paralysis thoughts, and enhance work sensitivity, especially in the activities of leaving the country to improve security and confidentiality awareness, and build a steel Great Wall to maintain national security.