Ten years, one day: based on your position, lead by example - 2017 "National Nuclear Group" "excellent party worker" Ren Lijie

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Ten years, one day: based on your position, lead by example - 2017 "National Nuclear Group" "excellent party worker" Ren Lijie

Party building style
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Comrade Ren Lijie is currently the fourth party branch secretary and deputy manager of the process research department of China Nuclear Su Valve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. Since serving as a member of the Fourth Party Branch in 2008, Comrade Ren Lijie has been engaged in grassroots party affairs for 10 years. As a grassroots party worker, he loves party affairs, does not forget his initial heart, uses political responsibility as a driving force, constantly strengthens his own construction in terms of ideology and style, unites and helps his comrades, and leads party members and the masses to contribute to scientific research and innovation. With strength, practice the pledge of joining the party with practical actions in the post.
First, the political consciousness is high, work hard, and innovate to carry out the party building work of the branch
Comrade Ren Lijie attaches great importance to the party's theoretical knowledge and research. He has a firm political stance, and he has a line of love and deeds. He has done his work in party building during his tenure as a member of the Fourth Party Branch and as a secretary of the Fourth Party Branch. A lot of effort and contribution have been made.
In the fourth branch, he implemented the innovative learning mechanism of “Party members’ rotation on the party class”. Through the formation of party members and comrades, they organized the party class study in turn, and formulated a detailed study plan. They regularly organized party classes every month and organized seminar discussions in due course. Exchange and study experience, through sharing theoretical views and experience, arouse everyone's enthusiasm for learning political theory knowledge, and greatly enhance the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and ideological quality of the majority of party members.
Through the "Party members lead key work" activities, he strengthened the innovative leadership and vanguard role of party members in the key work of state-owned enterprises. Through the "four levels of democratic appraisal of party members" activities participated by the party and government work groups, he urged the party members' ideological progress and Performance improvement.
He led the party members and comrades to actively participate in the Jinggangshan party training, Dabie Mountain visit and study, visit Chairman Mao's sports workshop, visit the Suzhou Revolution Museum, visit the Taihu Cultural Museum and other series of learning and education activities, and combine theoretical study with practical insights. Participating in these thematic activities has further enhanced the political accomplishment of party members and comrades, inspires the enthusiasm of the comrades, and plays the role of the fighting bastion of the party branch.
Under the joint efforts of the Party members of the branch, from 2015 to 2017, the branch was awarded the title of “Advanced Party Branch” of China Nuclear Science and Technology and the “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” awarded by Shanghai Zhongyin Puyuan Co., Ltd. in 2017.
Second, strict self-discipline, set an example, and put "one post and two responsibilities" into practice
Comrade Ren Lijie strictly implemented the requirements of the "three strictness and three realities" and the requirements of the eight central regulations in daily work and life, earnestly do a good job of "two studies and one work", and practice the standards of outstanding Communist Party members from time to time.
Lead by example and focus on communication. He has always believed that doing grassroots party building work must not only rely on organizational learning and mobilization, but also rely on party members and cadres to set their own example and influence and lead everyone through personal actions. He actively participated in various innovative seminars of technical party members, and mined with colleagues to understand the life and learning of comrades; often exchange ideas with colleagues, and when faced with distress in thought, work and life, he always Being able to actively share their own experiences; on the issue of principled issues, he is always the highest in the heart, telling the truth, telling the truth, and maintaining unity; in life, strictly demanding himself, abandoning bad habits, and maintaining healthy development of mind and body.
Implement the "one post and two responsibilities" and put power into the cage of the system. Comrade Ren Lijie frequently exchanged and communicated with the leading cadres of non-party members of the branch, promoted the work of non-party members and leading cadres, and jointly participated in the work of building a party's style and clean government in all departments of the department, exchanged talks with party members and the masses, signed a letter of responsibility for integrity, and clarified the requirements for clean government. Emphasize the righteousness. Under the leadership of his party, the non-party leaders and cadres of the branch were also very encouraged. Many times before the procurement of important matters, they took the initiative to hold a reminding talk meeting with the handling staff to clarify the procedural requirements, prevent the micro-duration, and put the power into the cage of the system. .
Third, pay attention to the team, give full play to the backbone of the party members and the awareness of the banner
Party members are a banner. How to play the role of this banner is an important task for grassroots party builders. This is not a matter of one person, but a matter of team management.
In the past two years, Comrade Ren Lijie has visited every first-line technician in the company's five factories every year to learn about the technical developments and opinions of technical personnel, proposed 22 rationalization proposals, and formulated and revised 9 technical management systems for technology. The contribution of the construction of the talent team.
In the daily branch management work, Comrade Ren Lijie led the party members and comrades to carry out the management of party members by means of "target management", establish the intra-party competition incentive mechanism and the mass participation mechanism, and all the work of the branch was approved according to the goal of the partial plan. The division of party member responsibility system, decomposing, combined with the position of the post, the party members have been set to participate in party affairs, and the goal of combining party affairs and business, so that party members have tasks, pressure, space, exercise party members' ability, and promote party branch battles. Fortress role.
4. Strong business ability and positive contribution to contribute to the improvement of core technology level
Comrade Ren Lijie is a grassroots party branch secretary and an excellent technical talent.
He used to be the technology leader in the company's process field, and led all the technical personnel in the process field. He has made great achievements in core process equipment construction and process technology innovation. He has been rated as an advanced individual and technical model, and presided over the 2008 edition of the company. The comprehensive revision of the process technology standards and the overall upgrade of the laboratory of the China Nuclear Technology Engineering Center.
Under his leadership, the company's process technicians completed the valve online diagnostic equipment, valve grinding equipment, valve automatic welding equipment, valve high pressure gas seal test equipment, valve low temperature test equipment, valve flow test equipment, valve micro leak test equipment, valves Torque seal comprehensive test equipment, valve stabilization heat treatment equipment, valve with pressure opening and closing equipment, etc. More than 10 large-scale core technology equipment construction; at the same time undertake the valve low fugitive process research, high cleanliness valve process research, valve inorganic zinc Research on special coatings, valve station grinding process research, valve blasting process evaluation, valve packaging process research and other important process research topics.
In 2017, the scientific research and innovation work of the Scientific Research Management Department has achieved fruitful results. 13 new products and projects have been appraised and accepted by the China Machinery Industry Federation, China National Nuclear Corporation, China General Machinery Industry Association, etc., DN800 main steam isolation valve Jiangsu Province's first set of key equipment certification, and passed the acceptance of the "Hualong No. 1" demonstration project Fuqing No. 5 unit owner, "Nuclear secondary main steam isolation valve for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant" won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award Wait.
At the grassroots party worker position, Comrade Ren Lijie has united and led the party members and the masses with his strong political literacy and solid business abilities, contributing his own strength to the technological innovation and business development of the enterprise, and doing nuclear industry. An ordinary screw in the construction.