Ability to be willing to contribute: emergency troubleshooting

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Ability to be willing to contribute: emergency troubleshooting

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During the company's development process, a large number of outstanding employees who are capable, willing, and dedication have emerged. They can stand up and take responsibility if they need themselves. Recently, Comrade Yu Guokun of the Ministry of Security and Security assisted the high temperature and high pressure laboratory to conduct an emergency test device to ensure the safety of personnel and the smooth progress of the test.
In the early morning of August 16, when the tester warmed up the high temperature and high pressure device at night, the temperature rise of the voltage regulator in the device was abnormal. The temperature displayed by the instrument could not rise to the predetermined value, but it was late at night, and no professional was present. The test could not be carried out for a while, and the test personnel reflected the situation to the Safety and Security Department and requested assistance. When Yu Guokun, assistant manager of the security department, learned about this matter, as a professional, he knew the seriousness of the matter: if it was a problem with the heating device itself, the experiment could not be carried out, and the subsequent work could not be carried out; if it was a malfunction of the sensor, However, if the device continues to heat up without being monitored, even if the problem is solved temporarily, a dangerous situation may occur during the following test, which may endanger the safety of personnel.
Although it is not a matter of division, although there are still many things to be dealt with on hand, Yu Guokun put down the work at hand for the safety of the on-site operators and the company's property considerations, and took time to rush to the scene to personally check the circuit. The field test device circuit is very complicated, and the maintenance work is very large. However, Yu Guokun has nothing to do with it. In terms of safety above all considerations, I will not let go of any possible problems, and check the operation of each circuit component and sensor one by one. He knows that any small component failure here can have serious consequences.
After repeated confirmation and verification, after more than 2 hours of operation at 35 ° C high temperature and heat, I finally succeeded in troubleshooting. After the troubleshooting is completed, organize the sweat-soaked clothes, and Yu Guokun returns to work to continue his work.
Fourth Party Branch Zhang Xiaofeng