The Tenth Party Branch held a briefing meeting on the inspection of the situation

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The Tenth Party Branch held a briefing meeting on the inspection of the situation

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On August 13, the company’s party committee member, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the labor union, Xiao Xiaodong, and assistant director of the discipline inspection and supervision department, Wang Yu, will come to the 10th Party branch to discuss the 10th Party branch of the company’s party committee inspection team from July 2 to 13. The inspection and discovery of the problem held a feedback briefing, Xu Longjun, secretary of the 10th Party branch, Guo Hong, general manager of the ball valve company, and Yang Lan, deputy general manager.
The meeting informed the "Feedback on the inspection of the Tenth Party Branch by the company inspection team", from the construction of the branch, the implementation of the "three sessions and one lesson" system, the role of the battle fortress, the development of party members, and the internal system construction. The 14 types of problems found were analyzed and explained one by one, and four suggestions were made for the rectification work.
Yan Xiaodong pointed out that the tenth party branch should conscientiously do a good job of internal combing, combine the daily work with one another, formulate a rectification plan as soon as possible, conscientiously implement the rectification measures, and report the rectification situation to the company's Disciplinary Committee within the prescribed time.
Xu Longjun said that the company will take the inspection as an opportunity, in accordance with the documents and requirements, face up to the existing problems, effectively enhance the "four awareness", strictly implement the rectification and implementation work, and further play the party branch battle fortress in daily production and management activities. effect.
Tenth Branch Chen Shangshu