It is the responsibility of establishing a new era. The glorious image of the Communist Party members who are responsible for it

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It is the responsibility of establishing a new era. The glorious image of the Communist Party members who are responsible for it

Party building style
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Since he joined the company in 1989, Comrade Hou Xiaodong has served as the team leader, the section chief, and the dispatcher. Since May 2003, he has been the salesman of the Public Works Valve Division. In the past 30 years since he joined the company, he has been conscientious, meticulous, and self-disciplined. He has done a good job, loves his party, and has a good line. He has repeatedly resisted the pressure and accomplished his tasks. He has established a new era in his ordinary post. He has a responsible and responsible Communist Party. Image.
First, do not forget the initial heart, strengthen the ideals and beliefs, and establish the image of party members
As a party member, Comrade Hou Xiaodong deeply realized that the image of party members is, in a certain sense, a job image and a post image. Therefore, in his daily work and life, he always takes the lead and takes the lead in everything. At the same time, he insists on continuously studying the party's line, principles, and policies, thoroughly studying the spirit of the 19th National Congress, and actively participating in the "three sessions of the Party Branch and the Party Group." The course "learns, constantly strengthens the party spirit, and spurs itself with the specific requirements of the advanced nature of the Communist Party members, and constantly improves their overall quality.
Second, keep in mind the mission, work outstanding, bear the brunt
In daily work, Hou Xiaodong strictly demands himself, constantly surpasses, and is a pioneer in his work. In the case of a declining economic situation in 2017, the water valve market is highly competitive. However, in the face of many difficulties, Hou Xiaodong thought that he was an old party member, bravely shouldered heavy burdens, took the initiative to undertake the 13 million sales target task, and the 10.4 million fund withdrawal task. In order to complete the task, he turned the pressure into motivation, took the initiative to give up the rest day, and was always full of high energy and passion. Hou Xiaodong increased the customer's return visits, often running back and forth in Anhui and Nanjing, actively communicating with customers, grasping the needs of customers in a timely manner, establishing a harmonious relationship with customers, and finally stabilized our company in Anhui, Nanjing and other markets. On the way to open up new markets, he is used to formulating detailed work plans for himself in advance, carefully analyzing each customer's requirements, judging the degree of meeting the requirements, analyzing the expected expectations, analyzing the competitor's products, and diversifying the analysis. From a multi-angle perspective, we will finally prepare a bidding plan for different situations to get the most satisfactory results.
After a year of hard work, Hou Xiaodong also set a new record of his own history, completed more than 17 million to undertake tasks, completed more than 11 million funds to return, completed the task on the basis of the successful completion of the predetermined indicators, and became the sales of China Nuclear Technology. One of the best business people has played an exemplary role in their own positions.
In 2018, Comrade Hou Xiaodong took another heavy burden and assumed the task of 13 million sales acceptance indicators and 10 million funds to return to the task. By the end of June, Hou Xiaodong had completed the annual acceptance index and the returning index in only half a year.
Not afraid of hardship, silent dedication, always play an exemplary role
Not only in the sales business, Hou Xiaodong has a thumbs up, but also has the experience of the team leader, the section chief, and the dispatcher. In the manufacturing, quality, and after-sales service, Hou Xiaodong is an example for everyone to learn. At every stage of production, you can see Hou Xiaodong at any time. Whether it is a hot three-volt or a cold four-nine, as long as the product is not shipped, he will always track the product, from the storage of the blank, to the epoxy resin coating, to the assembly of the parts, the performance test of the product, any The cockroaches can't escape his eyes. As long as he finds that he has not complied with the rules and regulations, process specifications, and work instructions, he will immediately criticize, stop, and be merciless.
In addition to a high level of business, Hou Xiaodong, with years of accumulated experience in valve repair, often takes the initiative to undertake the after-sales maintenance of the valve. At the beginning of August 2017, the DN1800 large-diameter butterfly valve of Miaogang Waterworks was leaking. Due to the emergency situation, Hou Xiaodong immediately rushed with the after-sales service team. At that time, it was in the midst of the summer, the temperature of the construction site reached 42°, the sun was like a fire, and the heat wave hit people, which brought great difficulties to the maintenance work. However, Hou Xiaodong and the service staff did not back down. Everyone tried to find a solution and work together. Even if they found that it was not a problem of our products, they still tried their best to help the customer solve the problem. "At that time, everyone was not considering responsibility, that is, to lay down this hard bone, and nothing more." After six hours of hard work, the task was successfully completed and the problem was solved for the customer. The head of the project department immediately thanked the phone: "China Nuclear Technology is worthy of our trust!"
The heart to the company, the heart of the customer, to make suggestions and solve the problem "Customers are our parents, customers are our God, the needs of customers is the goal of our struggle, the customer's request is the direction of our efforts." In this way, Hou Xiaodong always pays attention to the needs of customers, eager for users, thinks what users think, helps solve problems in the first time, and time is too late to rely on their own excellent quality.
On the weekend of July, Wujiang Huayan Water Co., Ltd. suddenly leaked the DN100 exhaust valve and the situation was serious. If it is not resolved in time, the user may stop water and cause serious damage. Hou Xiaodong had no time to notify the after-sales service personnel and rushed to the scene. With the cooperation of the on-site personnel, he expertly removed the overall inspection of the valve to find out the cause of the leak and solved the problem in the first place. Taking into account that the user's on-site personnel did not know enough about the valve products, Hou Xiaodong used the post-meal time to train the on-site personnel how to properly use the valve and solve the problems of daily maintenance problems, and to solve the practical problems and obtain the praise of the customers.
It is his serious and responsible work attitude, not forgetting the initial heart, keeping in mind the mission, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tired spirit, in the face of repeated pressures, have successfully completed the task, fully exerted the vanguard role of the Communist Party members, and was well received by the leadership staff. He has won many honors such as “Excellent Communist Party Member” and “Technical Innovation Special Award”, Nuclear Industry Group “Technology Innovation Third Prize”, “Advanced Worker” and “China Nuclear Science and Technology Model”.
Tian Juanfeng, the ninth party branch