Hualong No. 1 World's first full-range simulator was successfully developed and delivered

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Hualong No. 1 World's first full-range simulator was successfully developed and delivered

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On September 14, the full-range simulator of Hualong No.1 independently developed by China National Nuclear Corporation passed the acceptance test and was officially delivered in 115 days in advance. It was the first batch of Hualong No.1 Fuqing Nuclear Power Units 5 and 6 and Hualong Overseas Karachi K2 and K3 units. Nuclear power plant operators have laid a solid foundation for training, examinations and taking photos, and also provided strong technical support for Hualong No. 1 “going out”.
At the site of the acceptance of Fuqing Nuclear Power, the experts agreed that all the indicators of Hualong No.1 full-scale simulator meet the relevant functional and performance requirements, and have the M0-M1 training conditions for the operators.
The full-range simulator is commonly known as the “Digital Virtual Command”. It uses a variety of international advanced simulation technologies to simulate the normal operation of nuclear power plants and serious accidents. It is an important guarantee for the autonomy and localization of Hualong No.1 instrument control system.
Hualong No.1 full range simulator was independently developed by China Nuclear Wuhan Nuclear Power Operation Technology Co., Ltd., and copied according to the 1:1 ratio of the main control room of Unit 5 of Fuqing Nuclear Power. The simulation machine table consists of a backup disk, a large screen, an operator workstation, and a remote shutdown station. Compared with the second-generation improved M310 unit, its monitoring and control mode is more optimized, and the safety control measures are more perfect. The equipment adopts the latest generation of simulation development platform RINSIM2.0, reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, severe accident software and other process system simulation software of CNNC Wuhan with completely independent intellectual property rights. The nuclear power plant control system simulation uses DCS physical simulation and virtual physical simulation simulation technology to improve the simulation accuracy and engineering verification capability of the simulator.
In order to meet the overall project progress requirements of Hualong No.1 and to make the first full range of simulators a benchmark product in the field of nuclear power simulation, CNNC Wuhan overcame the difficulties of the previous version of the DCS engineering software inherent in the first pile of engineering, and carefully carved it. Fine. Hualong No.1 construction team adhered to the premise of safety and quality priority, and completed the comprehensive testing of the simulator, the first stage of acceptance, the installation of the platform and the integration of equipment, and completed the preparation of the training materials for the first batch of operator simulators of Hualong No.1. And review.