The IAEA Institutional Conference was held to attract greater attention to the global "China Program"

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The IAEA Institutional Conference was held to attract greater attention to the global "China Program"

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On September 17, local time, the 62nd General Assembly of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held in Vienna. Zhang Kezhen, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the National Atomic Energy Agency, Wang Qun, a representative of the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna and special plenipotentiary, attended the event. Accompanied by Yu Jianfeng, Chairman of China National Nuclear Corporation, and speaking at the Science Forum of the General Assembly on the topic of “Nuclear Energy Development and Climate Environment”, he proposed the “China Program” for greater public welfare for the global public.
At the meeting, Zhang Kezhen introduced the strategy of governing the country in the new era proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. He explained China's position on nuclear power development, nuclear security and nuclear non-proliferation, and introduced the achievements of China's nuclear industry in the past 60 years and Ensuring the important contribution of global nuclear security. He emphasized that as a green, clean and low-carbon base-load energy, nuclear power will have broad development space; all member states should always adhere to the "atom energy for peace and development" purpose, be brave in pursuing innovation and excellence, and persist in cooperation and win-win. Sharing and jointly building nuclear energy to develop a community of human destiny.
"Nuclear energy is a clean energy source that is efficient, stable, and scalable. The importance of nuclear energy for climate change is growing." At the Science Forum, Yu Jianfeng introduced China Nuclear Group's efforts to improve nuclear power safety, optimize nuclear power economy, and explore nuclear energy diversity. Use and actively participate in the work of the IAEA. He emphasized that CNNC is willing to share technology and experience, provide resources and platforms for countries that are willing to develop nuclear energy, and better respond to climate change to seek greater benefits for the global public.
During the conference, CNNC introduced the Yanlong low-temperature heating reactor and exchanged ideas with experts from various countries at the technical side. In his speech at the technical side meeting, Wang Qun said that the peaceful use of nuclear energy is a common cause of all mankind and needs to strengthen cooperation and seek common development. China is willing to share with each country the successful experiences and achievements of development and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the nuclear energy industry.
On the afternoon of September 17, accompanied by Zhang Kezhen and Yu Jianfeng, the Deputy Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Hayward, made a special trip to the China booth to learn more about Hualong No.1 and Yanlong low-temperature heating reactor. When Yu Jianfeng introduced that Hualong No. 1 is the only three-generation PWR nuclear power project and the Yanlong heap that the world has built according to the planned progress, Hayward frequently nodded and asked. She said that she is very optimistic about the development prospects of China's nuclear power. I hope China will play a greater role in the international nuclear industry.
It is understood that this exhibition was commissioned by the National Atomic Energy Agency and undertaken by China National Nuclear Corporation to promote the development achievements of China's nuclear industry and further promote cooperation between China and the global nuclear industry. The exhibition brought about the complete industrial system of China's nuclear industry and advanced technologies such as Hualong No.1, CAP1400, high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and Yanlong low-temperature heating reactor, demonstrating the core competitiveness of “one-stop nuclear energy system supplier” and causing international The peers are highly concerned. In addition, CNNC also held 14 bilateral meetings with the United Kingdom, Argentina, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.
The heads of the strategic planning department, industrial development and international cooperation department of the group company, Zhongyuan Company, Atomic Energy Institute, Nuclear Chemical Industry Institute, and China Nuclear Media Department participated in relevant activities.