China's three generations of nuclear power nuclear grade zirconium alloy pipe to achieve localization for the first pile of Hual

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China's three generations of nuclear power nuclear grade zirconium alloy pipe to achieve localization for the first pile of Hual

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The nuclear-grade fuel cladding tube is a strategic core material for nuclear power plant operation and the first barrier to ensure nuclear safety. The realization of the three-generation nuclear power nuclear grade zirconium alloy pipe domestic production, for the extension of China's nuclear industry industry chain, to ensure the safe and efficient development of China's nuclear power is of great significance. On September 20th, the nuclear fuel cladding tube produced by China National Nuclear Corporation (Shanghai) Zirconium Alloy Pipe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CAST”) for the first batch of Hualong No. 1 in Fujian-Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant was The planned completion of production and successful delivery in Shanghai marked the localization of nuclear grade zirconium alloy pipes of China's three generations of nuclear power plants.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, the truck loaded with more than 50,000 M5TM cladding pipes slowly drove out of the CAST factory, and proceeded to the next station of the high-performance nuclear fuel production chain, CNNC Jianzhong Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd., to help Hualong No. 1 reactor realize. Safe and efficient operation.
CAST is a joint venture between China National Nuclear Corporation and Famatong. It is the first nuclear fuel-related manufacturing plant jointly established by China and France in China. It is a strategic choice for Sino-French nuclear energy cooperation. In just a few years, CAST successfully realized the localized production of M5TM cladding tubes for nuclear power plants in China, and successfully completed the manufacture of the first stack of fuel cladding tubes of Hualong No. 1, which enabled China to develop the entire industrial chain of nuclear fuel cycle. Taking a more solid step has effectively promoted the industrialization capability of China's nuclear grade zirconium alloy, provided a strong guarantee for the safe and efficient development of nuclear power in China, and also delivered a satisfactory “answer” to the two heads of state who witnessed the signing of the joint venture contract at that time. As the only M5TM zirconium alloy pipe manufacturer in China, CAST's product quality has reached the same level as that of the Pembroke factory in France, and it has a capacity of 1,500 km/year.
Huang Mingang, chief economist of China National Nuclear Corporation, Lionel Gaiffe, senior vice president of Famatong Group, Shanghai Economic and Trade Commission, Shanghai Nuclear Power Office, French Embassy in China, relevant leaders of Shanghai Songjiang District, Famatong Group China and China National Nuclear Corporation Relevant persons in charge of the Ministry of Management, China Nuclear Power, China Atomic Energy Corporation, China National Nuclear Construction Corporation, CAST Corporation and other departments attended the delivery ceremony.