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Based on the post, dedication, courage to act as a party class - Wu Hui, a member of the Nuclear Science and Technology Party Co
Talking about the "Quality Month" Activity
Release time:
2018-10-13 11:18
The Central Military-civilian Integration Development Committee Office of the Strategic Planning Bureau led a team to investigat
CNNC launches 2018 Quality Month
Release time:
2018-10-10 11:22
Power Station Valve Division won the first prize of Knowledge Competition
CNNC Technology Yu Pei Pei--2018 China Nuclear Technology Staff Badminton Competition
"Nuclear" you are together, nuclear science into the campus
CNNC's extra large diameter Y-type globe valve is successfully delivered to users
22 sets of DN4000 super large diameter butterfly valve successfully completed
CNNC's 4th "Nuclear Together" Science Popularization Week Activity Green Nuclear Energy Story First-line tour group visited Chin
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