Talking about the "Quality Month" Activity

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Talking about the "Quality Month" Activity

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Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise, and quality is the industrial foundation for the growth and development of an enterprise. The so-called quality, including product quality, work quality, service quality and many other aspects, for a company, product development, raw material procurement, organizational production, sales success and customer feedback, quality has always been the most critical guarantee. Therefore, "quality" plays a decisive role in whether a company can continue to develop and continue to be better and better.
The "Quality Month" event was founded in 1978. In September, a nationwide quality special event is organized in various forms for a month and aims to improve the quality awareness and quality of the whole nation. We must strive for survival by quality, reputation by quality, development by quality, improve our quality awareness through “Quality Month” activities, integrate them into our daily work, and continuously improve product quality and social praise.
Continuous improvement of quality is the last word. Product quality has become the fundamental and development guarantee for a company's foothold in the market. The quality of product determines the fate of product life and even the development of the company. Without quality, there is no market. Without market, there is no benefit. Without benefit, there is no development. Therefore, continuous improvement of quality is the last word.
Innovation and development of quality awareness is the key. "Quality is in my heart, quality is in my hands" is the quality that every employee should have. Quality is the life of the enterprise. What quality consciousness is the soul of the enterprise life, avoiding the wrong consciousness of "doing good and bad, not related to me" . Therefore, in order to improve product quality, we must innovate and develop to enhance our quality awareness.
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