Company commercial vehicle vehicle leasing inquiry announcement

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Company commercial vehicle vehicle leasing inquiry announcement

Public announcement
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China Nuclear Su Valve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. conducts public inquiry and purchase on "company commercial vehicle vehicle rental"
The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
First, the specific requirements of procurement: see the company's commercial vehicle rental procurement documents;
Second, the procurement documents are issued time: 2018.18:30 to 2018.11.1317:00;
Third, the quotation deadline: 2018.11.1617:00;
4. Place of collection and quotation: 418 Office of Office Building of Zhonghe Su Valve Industrial Co., Ltd. (No. 501, Zhujiang Road, New District, Suzhou);
V. Enterprise qualification review and requirements:
1. The quotation unit has independent legal person qualification, business scale, good qualification reputation and good performance.
2. Company profile, corporate legal person business license, road passenger transportation business license, etc.
Sixth, contact information:
Contact: Zheng Kaiming Fax: 0512-67532587
Tel: 0512-6667234118913587983
China Nuclear Technology General Manager
November 5, 2018
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