Q&A of the 11th Shenzhen 3.15 Investor Online Rights Protection Consultation

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Q&A of the 11th Shenzhen 3.15 Investor Online Rights Protection Consultation

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Editor's Note: In March of this year, Shenzhen Stock Exchange held a series of activities for the protection of 3.15 multi-level capital market investors' rights and interests. On the 15th, it successfully held the eleventh session with China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Shenzhen Branch and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. “3.15 Investor Rights Online Consultation” activity. Investors actively participated in the event, 343 questions were answered online, 342 were answered, and the response rate was 99.7%. Investors' questions mainly focus on transaction costs, transaction supervision, online voting, investor relationship management, securities fraud and other issues involving investor rights. At the same time, they also propose ways to facilitate investor interaction, investment in knowledge, rights protection, and rights protection. A lot of consultations. Some of the selected issues are now published for readers.
1. Q: Does the Shenzhen Stock Exchange stipulate the minimum standard for securities companies to collect investors?
Chen Feng of Shenzhen Stock Exchange: The commission fee for A shares, B shares, funds and warrants is not higher than 0.3% of the transaction amount, and must not be lower than the securities transaction supervision fee and securities transaction fee, the starting point is 5 yuan. . There are also corresponding regulations on the commission collection standards for other varieties. For details, please refer to the “Shenzhen Stock Exchange Fees (and Collection and Collection Fees) List” published on the website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
2. Q: Under what circumstances does a listed company need to make a performance forecast?
Zhao Yizhen of Shenzhen Stock Exchange: According to the current regulations, if the listed company expects that one of the following circumstances will occur in the annual, semi-annual and quarterly operating results, the performance forecast should be made in a timely manner: net profit is negative, net profit is compared with the same period of last year. Compared with rising or falling by 50%, and achieving a turnaround.
3. Q: How can I ask a listed company on “Interactive Easy”? Can a listed company also disclose information through “Interactive Easy”?
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Zhou Xiao: Investors can choose to ask questions as a browsing user, or they can log in and ask questions as a registered user. Investors can ask questions in the “Interaction Easy” homepage or the question input box of the listed company's special webpage. When filling in the question, fill in the listed company's securities code and select the question type, and fill in the content of the word within 200 words, then click “ “Publishing” will be posted to the “Latest Questions” section of the “Interactive Easy” main website and the listed company's private network after passing the interactive internal process. A listed company may not disclose information through “Interactive Easy”. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange investor relationship interactive platform is only an online channel for investors to communicate with listed companies. As for the official announcement of listed companies, they still need to disclose through the designated websites and newspapers of the CSRC. .
4. Q: Are small and medium-sized listed companies obligated to disclose social responsibility reports?
Wang Wei of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: According to the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Disclosure of the 2012 Annual Report of Listed Companies” of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, listed companies included in the “Shenzhen 100 Index” should disclose the society in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Standardized Operation of Listed Companies” of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Responsibility report. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange encourages other companies to disclose social responsibility reports. The social responsibility report shall be reviewed and approved by the company's board of directors and disclosed in the form of a separate report on the designated website at the same time as the annual report is disclosed.
5. Q: Is the stock transaction entering the delisting period still revealed in the main board, SME board or GEM?
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Cheng Hao: In order to remind investors of the risks, the stocks entering the delisting period will be subject to a separate board transaction, that is, the stocks will be delisted during the stock delisting period, not in the main board, SME board or GEM. reveal. In addition, listed companies that enter the delisting consolidation board transaction, as there are derivative products such as convertible corporate bonds and warrants, can also enter the delisting consolidation board transaction at the same time, and related transactions will be separately stipulated.
6. Q: Is the dividend commitment made by the listed company effective?
Sun Peixian of Shenzhen Stock Exchange: The dividend commitment of listed companies has been reviewed and approved by the company's board of directors and shareholders meeting, and has become the resolution of the company's board of directors and shareholders' meeting. Some of the dividend commitments have also been reviewed and approved by shareholders representing more than two-thirds of the voting rights, and are included in the company's articles of association. The resolutions of the company's board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders have the effect of implementation. According to the relevant provisions of the company law, the board of directors implements the resolution of the shareholders' meeting. The chairman convene and preside over the board meeting to check the implementation of the board resolutions, and the manager organizes the implementation of the board resolutions. The company's articles of association are binding on the company, shareholders, directors, supervisors, and senior management personnel. Therefore, the dividend commitments included in the company's articles of association are legally binding. The Board of Supervisors supervises the conduct of directors and senior management personnel in performing company duties, and proposes to remove the directors and senior management personnel who violate the company's articles of association or the resolutions of the shareholders' general meeting. Market participants of investors and other parties have the right to abide by the company for listed companies according to law. The regulations, the implementation of the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and the resolutions of the board of directors shall be supervised. In the future, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will also record the implementation of the relevant commitments in the integrity of the listed company and disclose it to the public, further strengthen the restrictions on listed companies, and change the cash dividends of listed companies. The problem of randomness.
7. Q: The listed company does not answer the issue of the stockholders. If you do not answer the call, what should I do? Is the complaint useful?
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Zhang Yuan: If you encounter questions from listed companies through interactive or other means, listed companies do not answer, or call no one can not contact the listed company, investors can report to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange through the following channels. Shenzhen Stock Exchange hotline: 4008089999; work advice and complaints mailbox: cis@szse.cn; listed company report mailbox: jbxx@szse.cn. After receiving relevant reports, we will promptly contact the listed company to help solve the problem.
8. Q: How does the Shenzhen Stock Exchange regulate the stock speculation?
Shenzhen Lijiao Quanzhu: In order to effectively curb the risk of excessive speculation, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has established a set of strict supervision mechanisms and adopted a number of measures to strengthen the supervision of speculation: (1) highlight key points and increase the regulation of short-term large households and hot money. And supervision, and established a special account management system for key accounts, implementing key monitoring of some deliberate speculations and accounts suspected of manipulation; (2) affecting stocks by means of large-scale declaration, continuous declaration, high-price declaration, false declaration or frequent declaration The price or trading volume of the account, the implementation of precision strikes, take measures including restrictions on transactions; (3) strengthen follow-up transaction supervision, strengthen information disclosure, implement a special suspension system, warn of market risks, contain continuous speculation; (4) strengthen brokerage to customers The management duties of trading behaviors, strengthen investor risk education, guide investors to rational investment, and curb the occurrence of major abnormal trading behaviors; (5) Investigate investors who deliberately pull up stock prices suspected of manipulation, and report them to the CSRC quickly and effectively.
9. Q: What is the difference between a net price transaction and a full price transaction? Which of the current Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed bonds are net price transactions, and which are full price transactions?
Shenzhen Yuan Tan Yuan: Net price trading refers to the declaration and transaction of a price that does not contain accrued interest when buying and selling bonds. Full-price trading refers to the declaration and transaction of the price with accrued interest when buying and selling bonds. The bond spot trading is conducted by the net price trading method. The settlement price is the sum of the transaction price and the accrued interest amount. If the full price transaction method is adopted, the settlement price is the transaction price. Currently, the treasury bonds, local government bonds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, and convertible corporate bonds listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are traded on a net price, and convertible corporate bonds are traded at full price.
10. Q: How long does it take for listed companies to temporarily cancel the shareholders' meeting?
Zhao Yizhen of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: According to the current regulations, after a listed company issues a notice of a general meeting of shareholders, it may not cancel the general meeting without justifiable reasons. If there is reason to cancel the general meeting of shareholders, the company shall issue a notice to explain the specific reasons for the cancellation before at least two trading days of the original date of the meeting.
11. Q: Is there a charge for online voting?
Chen Bin of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Online voting investors do not have to pay any fees. When an investor votes through the trading system, the order for voting is not linked to its fund account, so no fees will be deducted. When investors vote through the Internet system, they apply for a password free of charge through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Internet voting system, and vote through the Internet system after the trading system activates the password, all of which are free.
12. Q: If the risk assessment results show that the customer's risk tolerance is low, it may not be suitable for participation in the GEM. What should the securities company do?
Chengjing, Shenzhen Stock Exchange: For new applicants whose trading experience has been 2 years but the risk assessment results show low risk tolerance, the securities company should clearly inform the customer of this judgment result. In principle, it is not allowed to open GEM transactions. After persuasion and risk education, investors still insist on opening GEM transactions. Securities companies should make detailed traces of their applications, risks, and related persuasion work through written, electronic or audio recordings for verification.
13. Q: Is the investor's subscription or redemption of the ETF fund share included in the calculation of the dividend income differential personal income tax policy of the listed company?
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Liu Yinghua: ETF funds will be deemed to be stocks due to investors' subscription of ETF funds. ETFs will be deemed to be transferred to ETFs. The company's dividend dividend is different from the calculation range of the individual income tax policy.
14. Q: Recently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has launched the investment fair. Where can I play this game?
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Zhang Yuan: Please log on to http://www.easyik.cn/ to register and play online games.
15. Q: What is the change in the tax burden of individual investors' dividends before and after the implementation of the dividend income differential of the listed company?
Zhang Xiaoluo, China Branch of China Settlement: Before the implementation of the policy, the tax dividend of the dividend income of listed companies is 10%. After the implementation of the policy, the dividend dividend income will determine the actual tax burden based on the length of the shareholding. If the shareholding is more than one year, the tax burden is 5%, and the tax burden is reduced by half before the policy is implemented. If the shareholding is 1 month to 1 year (including 1 year), the tax burden is 10%, and the policy remains unchanged before the implementation of the policy. If the shareholding is within one month (including one month) and the tax burden is 20%, it will return to the statutory tax level. Therefore, the longer an individual investor holds a share, the lower the tax burden on the personal income tax on dividends.
16. Q: How to handle the pledge registration of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and whether the pledge contract needs notarization? Must be notarized at the notary office in Shenzhen or the place where the contract is signed? What materials do I need to submit when I pledge?
China Clearing Shenzhen Branch Duan: The pledge contract needs to be notarized. You can choose any notary public notary. The following materials must be submitted for pledge: (1) “Application Form for Securities Pledge Registration”; (2) Originally certifying “Pledge Contract” (notarization of the authenticity and legality of the pledge contract); (3) Validation of both parties to the pledge (4) Original and photocopy of the pledgor's securities account card; (5) If the pledged shares are held by state-owned shareholders, the pledgor shall obtain a pledge record form issued by the state-owned asset management department at or above the provincial level. (6) If the pledgor holds the physical stock or the Securities Registration Certificate, the original must be returned to the company; if the original is lost, it must be provided in one of the information disclosure newspapers designated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Declaration; (7) Other materials requested by the company.
17. Q: Which securities can be registered for pledge?
Liu Meihua, China Clearing Shenzhen Branch: The stocks, bonds and funds registered in the securities account opened by China Clearing Shenzhen Branch (limited to the shares registered on the stock exchange) can be pledged. Among them, stocks are not divided into sections, regardless of the nature of the shares, regardless of the identity of the holder, can handle the pledge. Securities that have been frozen by the judicial authorities cannot be pledged, and securities that have been pledged cannot be pledge.
18. Q: I saw an advertisement for recruiting members on the Internet. There are recommended stocks. I joined the members who recommended the level of the daily limit and beat the money. After a few days, they said that they would charge 30,000 yuan. I found out that I was deceived and asked them to return the money. They said that they would retreat after a month. I called again the other two days, and the phone was stopped. How can I defend my rights?
Zheng Mingwei, Guangdong Jingtian Law Firm: This kind of behavior is suspected of fraud, you can go to the public security organs to report to the police.
(Disclaimer: This column is only published for the purpose of investment education, does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate according to this, at their own risk. Shenzhen Stock Exchange strives to ensure accurate and reliable information in this column, but it is not accurate No guarantee of sexuality, completeness or timeliness, no liability for losses arising from the use of this column.)
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