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The core concept of corporate culture system, which includes:

1, business philosophy: the best management, best service, the best benefits;

2, management philosophy: scientific, market-oriented, systematic;

3, the quality of ideas: keep making progress, striving for excellence, so that every customer in the nuclear technology to be satisfied with the products and services;

4, service concept: sincere, careful, careful, rest assured, patient;

5, the concept of talent: treatment to keep people, leaving the cause of people, feelings keep people;

6, cultural ideas: uphold the Soviet Union traditional culture, quality to build the core of nuclear science and technology culture;

7, the core concept: talent-based, service-oriented, management win;

8, the brand concept: carefully crafted with affinity, inspiration, cohesion, influence and driving force "SUFA" brand image.

Vigorously carry forward the“"unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovative"”spirit of enterprise

Actively implement the“"relying on nuclear power, nuclear services, comprehensive development"”of the enterprise purpose