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  More than 50 years, through the unremitting efforts of the Soviet Union, the enterprise has made brilliant achievements, during which experienced three leap-style development.

  1962 was placed under the Second Industrial Machinery Department, for the successful development of China's "two bombs a boat" (atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and nuclear ships) made a contribution, and received the State Council's commendation awards.

  Product technology has also entered the ranks of the domestic advanced, the two products by the Ministry of Nuclear Industry "Buyou products" title. Two products by the National Silver Medal, nine by the National New Product Jinlong Award and a number of

  "Excellent product" title. Become the domestic valve manufacturing industry to obtain the largest number of enterprises.

  In 1979 the company "army to the people", the first to obtain and adopt the international advanced standards, and developed a national into the valve, the successful use of domestic petrochemical projects. Has been recognized and praised the user, the enterprise has also been a successful transition. In 1988, Su valve products exported to Western Europe, to achieve a foreign trade "zero" breakthrough, after the Soviet Union valve products are exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East more than 50 countries and regions, enterprises entered a steady development period.

  In 1997 the company successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China's valve industry and the first listed companies in the nuclear industry. For the enterprise bigger and stronger laid the foundation, the company increased investment in high-tech, the introduction of foreign advanced design software, manufacturing equipment, quality assurance concept, the enterprise has been leap-style development