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Under the care and support of governments of all levels, the company constantly strengthens technical investment. Relying on the Engineering Technology R & D Center of Jiangsu Province, it improves its technical innovation ability and sticks to the independent innovation road combing “industry”, “university” and “use”.

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Now the company has formed group type industry chain specialized in the production of complete-set industrial valves. According to production function, it has set up a special valve branch factory, an American-standard branch factory, a welding heat treatment branch factory, a nuclear power valve business department, a power station valve business department and a waterway valve business department. It is the holding company of Suzhou Sino-US Forging Co., Ltd., SUFA Hengdian Machinery Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Sufa Ball Valve Co., Ltd. Now the company is able to produce product series of different specifications such as sluice valves, stop valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, control valves, high-temperature and high-voltage power station valves, insulation jacketed valves, safety valves, vacuum valves, nuclear power valves and explosion valves.

The company combines modern management philosophy with modern management mode, utilizes advanced ERP system and synchronously monitors and manages the whole production process so as to accurately and effectively improve production efficiency. Besides utilizing resource management, the company conducts unified material management to furthest meet the market and manufacture demands.

The company boasts its advanced manufacture capacity. Its branch factories, subsidiaries and business departments are equipped with a large group of high-automation and exclusive equipment, including all kinds of machining centers, numerical control machine tools, travelling cranes, welding equipment, AOD refining furnaces, sand conditioning production lines, valve spray painting production lines, full module bridge type three coordinate measuring machines, etc. Advanced equipment and scientific management forge complete-set high-quality industrial valves for the company and win almost all top certifications in the valve industry at home and abroad for the company and make the company approved by most world-class terminal users.