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Under the care and support of governments of all levels, the company constantly strengthens technical investment. Relying on the Engineering Technology R & D Center of Jiangsu Province, it improves its technical innovation ability and sticks to the independent innovation road combing “industry”, “university” and “use”.

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In order to constantly improve the quality awareness of all staff of the company, make all staff be fully aware of the importance of product quality and improve the business level of all kinds of personnel, the company holds a series of training and education activities each year to give educational training to staff on quality management standards and regulations, basic knowledge of quality management, quality awareness, business knowledge, etc. ensuring that all staff are trained and certificated. These activities also constantly improve the quality of personnel, enhance the consciousness of personnel in valuing quality, and give further display to the subjective initiative, enthusiasm and the sense of responsibility of people.

Process control and detection check are two main aspects of quality control. The company boasts its complete detection measures. It has nondestructive testing equipment such as ultrasonic fault detector, ray inspection machine, accelerator and magnetic defect detector, and physicochemical and metering equipment such as material analysis direct-reading spectrometer, high-temperature/low-temperature material test equipment, metallographic microscope, three coordinate measuring machine and platinum arm. The company has made and implemented detection and test related guiding files from receiving inspection and test, the process inspection and test in the production process, to the final detection and test. Inspectors inspect the whole production process according to the files and full-time quality assurance personnel follow products according to the formulated quality plan.

Personnel Guarantee
In order to guarantee the normal and effective running of valve production activities and quality assurance activities, the company specially places quality management personnel in each workshop according to actual situation. The personnel are responsible for the quality control works of the workshop, monitoring and supervising the quality control point, analyzing and researching situations below standard of the workshop and implementing improvement measures. In nuclear power field, the company places professional nuclear power quality assurance engineers who are responsible for examining the technical files, records and reports within respective profession scope and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the files, reports and data, so as to assign the quality assurance responsibility of the company to specific individuals and create good condition for implementing closed-loop management in quality assurance works.

In order to control the evaluation and handling of unqualified valves, the company specially founds the group for handling unqualified products. The group mainly consists of people from the design department, craft department and quality management department respectively. When handling unqualified products, it sticks to the principle of “reason must be found, responsible person must be found, improvement measures must be implemented” to avoid the reoccurrence of quality problem.

Quality record is the true record of quality control in the production process and the importance basis of quality traceability management. The company sticks to the principle of “software and hardware synchronize with each other” during the collection, classification and filing of product quality records, that is to say, product quality records and products are put into storage at the same time.

In order to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the quality manual/outline, the company holds two times of internal audit activity each year according to the formulated internal audit plan, and conducts annual management evaluation at the beginning of the next year. The responsible department will make and implement rectification measures for the non-conformance items/improvement items and the quality assurance department will verify the completion situation of the measures to ensure that the quality system runs normally, and is appropriate, sufficient and effective.