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Under the care and support of governments of all levels, the company constantly strengthens technical investment. Relying on the Engineering Technology R & D Center of Jiangsu Province, it improves its technical innovation ability and sticks to the independent innovation road combing “industry”, “university” and “use”.

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In 2005, approved by the Science and Technology Bureau of Suzhou City, the Technical R & D Center officially founded the Valve Engineering Technology R & D Center of Chinasufa. In December 2006, Jiangsu Special Valve Engineering Technology R & D Center was founded with the approval of the Science and Technology Bureau of Suzhou City.

The Technology R & D Center concentrates all technical resources of the company and builds wide cooperation with famous domestic research units such as The Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute, Luoyang Branch of SINOPEC, in an effort to improve its capacity of researching and developing valves for nuclear industry, key valves of nuclear power station, valves of high-temperature and high-pressure hydrogenation unit, metal sealing ball valves, regulation control valves, etc.

The center develops, designs and improves new products of up to 1,000 varieties and specifications for the enterprise each year, which provides strong technical guarantee for the enterprise to undertake orders and conduct production; it also makes great efforts in technical research, development and innovation. Through market research and using foreign advanced technologies for reference, the company independently researches and develops high-end valves (such as key valves of nuclear power station, hydrogenation units and vacuum valves), so that the company always keeps its leading position in the domestic valve field. Relying on its continuous efforts in making technical breakthrough for years, the company has made rich technical research achievements. According to incomplete statistics, the company has won 44 technical achievement prizes which are awarded by the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry, or of provincial level, ministry level or municipal level and 23 utility model patents and formed 28 various valve test and identification data.