User-centric, user satisfaction

Under the care and support of governments of all levels, the company constantly strengthens technical investment. Relying on the Engineering Technology R & D Center of Jiangsu Province, it improves its technical innovation ability and sticks to the independent innovation road combing “industry”, “university” and “use”.

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Domestic sales are divided into two parts: sales a, sales department 2.


Sales a

Yellow manager: 0512-66672520

Manager wang: 0512-66672527

China manager: 0512-66672538


Sales department 2

GuoJingLi: 0512-66672557

Xi manager: 0512-66672531

Sales three department
Yang manager: 0512-66672534


Market hot line: 0512-66672570

The true: 0512-67511301



Channel valve group

JiangJingLi: 0512-68021758

The true: 0512-66612127