User-centric, user satisfaction

Under the care and support of governments of all levels, the company constantly strengthens technical investment. Relying on the Engineering Technology R & D Center of Jiangsu Province, it improves its technical innovation ability and sticks to the independent innovation road combing “industry”, “university” and “use”.

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Company Mission
Make Constant Progress, Strive to Be First-class, Allow Each Customer to Get Satisfactory Products and Services from Us
Best Management, Best Service, Best Profit, Make Constant Progress, Strive to Be First-class
Company Spirit
United: Only the harmony between people, between people and products, between products and the enterprise and between the enterprise and the society can ensure sustainable development of the company.
Struggling: Struggling, a volitional quality, refers to straining after a goal and all-out fighting under the driving force of certain ideal or faith. As a long-term process, it requires tough perseverance. It is what each staff of the company should have.
Pragmatic: It is the requirement on both products and staff. All works of the staff of the company should be “true” and “pragmatic”, which is the foundation of the effectiveness of company.
Innovative: Innovation is the life of the enterprise and constant innovation is the motive power of enterprise development. Only through constant innovation can the company overcome difficulties and walk toward glory.
Company Tenet
On the basis of the philosophy of “Promote Nuclear Industry, Strength the Country, Serve the Society”, we put forward the tenet of “Rely on Nuclear Power, Serve Nuclear Power, Make Comprehensive Development”.
Leading “value creation type” enterprise
Meticulously forge the SUFA brand image with appetency, appetency, cohesive force, influence and driving force;
Scientism, Marketization, Systematization
Passionate Progress, Self Transcendence
Sincere, Meticulous, Relieved, Patient
Talent-based, Service-based, Win by Management
Inherit the Traditional Culture of Sufa, Build the Cultural Core of Sufa with Quality