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The company combines modern management philosophy with modern management mode, manages each branch company by utilizing advanced ERP, PDM and SRM systems, synchronously monitors and manages the whole production process and accurately and effectively improves the production efficiency. With the most advanced production equipment needed by valve manufacture, the company is able to provide the whole series of high-quality valve products from 1/2-inch one to 64-inch one with the weight of 45 tons.

ERP System
The company applies international advanced resource management philosophy into company management. Implementing ERP project from 2008, it has realized the integrated management of the resources of all branch factories and subsidiaries, and carries out simultaneous engineering and lean production. It conducts optimal management in the aspects of production and supply chain maintenance, financial resource allocation and human resource allocation.

PDM System
The company introduces advanced information management philosophy into company management. Implementing PDM system management from 2005, the company has realized the management of product data, shortened the period of product research and development, reduced cost, improved quality and supported follow-up service, effectively improving its competence.

CRM System
The company introduces advanced business management philosophy into its company management. Comprehensively introducing CRM business management system in 2011, the company has realized all-dimensional communication with customers, reduced operation costs, improved the loyalty of customers and improved management level.

Performance Management System
In order to promote the work performance of the enterprise and staff in all aspects so as to improve the overall performance of the enterprise, the company began to comprehensively implement performance management system in 2011. Through the management of KPI, it has realized the congruence of the personal goals of staff and the organization goal, and the synchronization of the personal development of staff and organization development, so as to give furthest play to potential and improve enterprise performance.